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"Many suites are named for writers who have stayed in the hotel or its predecessor, starting with Joseph Conrad. Neither of us have ever stayed in the Gore Vidal suite with its view of a series of Klong-side cement factories."
Gore Vidal on the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok

[Brass pulls a Medal of Valor out of his desk drawer]
Warrick: Wow. That's beautiful. What's with all the modesty? It should be up on your wall, man.
Brass: For what? For taking a bullet or not dying?
Warrick: For being brave.
Brass: You know what, Rick? I'll tell you something. I walked into that hotel room, and 23 years of police work told me I knew what that guy was about. And he played me like a damn rookie. He beat me at my own game. I mean, what's the dumbest thing you've ever done? You want to make a poster of it, put it on your wall? I don't think so.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, "Built to Kill"

"Oh, you SHITKNOCKERS! You (people who made Stargate & Independence Day) did it! You actually did it! You made Godzilla even less credible than it already was! Somebody get these douchebags an award for sucking... ASS!!"

Mid/3 Winston: Attention to orders: For service above and beyond the duty of a tourist — even a brainless Marine — the class awards Doctor John Ryan the Order of the Purple Target, in the hope that he will duck the next time, lest he become a part of history rather than a teacher of it.
Jack Ryan: Did my wife put you up to this?

What is this plaque on the wall? You are recognized for presence? Way to go.
Entrant, Papers, Please


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