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"We are travelers, constantly moving forward and looking back. Alone and as one. We have no choice but to try. For our insatiable curiosity. For our fear of what should happen if we don't. You are that explorer now. We will say goodbye, and you will look back one last time and know that wherever you go, we will be with you. This is Commander Shepard, signing off."
Commander Shepard, N7 Day Teaser

"This path began a long time ago. A course paved through human history that took us across continents, oceans, and the stars. For us, this planet is home. It's protected us, challenged us, provided us the foundation to become galactic citizens. But the time has come to prepare ourselves for a future beyond the Milky Way. A future that begins 600 years from where we stand. In a time and place among unknown stars and unseen dangers. And so we issue this call to the brave, the inquisitive. To the trailblazers of the human race. As an invitation to stand on the shoulders of those who came before, and challenge yourself to go further."

"Begin your journey. Join the Andromeda Initiative today."
Alec Ryder, 'Join the Andromeda Initiative' Trailer

In the year 2185, humanity lives in a golden era of interstellar travel.
Our discovery of ancient alien ruins on Mars propelled our understanding
of science and technology ahead by thousands of years.
While many now enjoy the newfound freedoms and challenges of
exploration in the Milky Way, others now look to even more distant stars.
For the hundred thousand adventurers embarking on this one-way voyage,
the future begins in...
Mass Effect: Andromeda Opening Scroll

"Turians don't do well just sitting around. We like to earn our citizenship, no matter which galaxy we are in."
Tiran Kandros, Nexus militia commander

"I didn't come here so everyone can be goddamn outsiders"
Liam Kosta, crisis responder

"The Milky Way was so meh! Been there, done that!"
Pellasaria "Peebee" B'Sayl

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