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"You see, when the first Super Robot, or Kataphrakt, as they call them, is defeated by Inaho and crew, it's actually quite clever the way they go about it. He's like the Bill Nye the Science Guy of anime, Inaho is. He always finds a way. Why? Is he valedictorian? Is he in gifted classes? Why is everyone else's plan just to either run from the robots or run at the robots head-on? Does the Earthen military just collectively lose all of its strategic fortitude in the near future, to the point that the average high-schooler can out-plan them militaristically? Anyway, then just about every plan Inaho comes up with after the first Kataphrakt is dumb and peppered with insulting levels of convenience. You know, at first I thought I missed some kind of key plot point, some kind of informative piece of Inaho's character as to why he's better than everyone else, and then I found out it's not that he's better, it's just that everyone else wants to die. See, he doesn't do anything particularly significant in terms of uniqueness, he just moves. And everyone else just stands there and embraces death, hoping to be released from this purgatorial mediocrity."
Demolition D+ on Aldnoah.Zero

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