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Quotes / Mary Poppins

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  • The introduction to "I Love To Laugh:"
Uncle Albert: (laughing while floating at the ceiling) Oh, Bless my souls. It's Mary Poppins. Oh I am delighted... *laughs* I'm delighted to see you, Mary.
Mary Poppins: Uncle Albert, you promised.
Uncle Albert: I know. Really, I did.
*Kids laughing*
Mary Poppins: (To the kids) Jane, don't you dare! You'll only make it worse! It is really quite serious.
Bert: Yes, whatever you do, keep a straight face. Last time, it took us three days to get him down! *starts laughing*

Constable Jones: That's what I said, "Go fly a kite." No, sir, no! I don't mean you personally.
—From Let's Go Fly a Kite.