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Quotes About This Trope

Black Mage: (regarding the card that says Glorious Chainsaw Method) This tells me less than nothing. Do you understand? You made me forget things I didn't even know.
Red Mage: Look, it makes perfect sense. Flip it over.
Black Mage: This tells me even less than before, but with more words!

"If I had a dollar of every bit of sense this made, I would be in debt for the rest of my life."

"Yes, the CIA made Jackson Pollock's career to undermine communism. It makes a strange kind of sense when you think about it, doesn't it?

No. No, it doesn't."

"Frankly I’m stunned. I know actors do things for paychecks, but I have to wonder how much is enough to take some of this direction. 'Yes John, glad you could make it on set. Now, your SS uniform is around the corner along with the rat teeth and platinum white shock wig. Now, in this scene you are going to be singing about your evil deeds to a jazz band in the background and it culminates in you killing a shark. No, I’m not kidding. John, this is my vision.'"

"You know what, the context for this one doesn’t even matter. No explanation would ever be sufficient."
Superdickery talking about a Jonah Hex cover where he threatens Santa Claus

"You know what? Even if we just went point by point, what happens in this, it would still sound context-free."
Brad Jones on Winter's Tale, Midnight Screenings

"Yes, you are seeing a giant octopus on land and eating sheep. And no, context doesn't help, because this is the first scene of the first episode."
Mr Enter on the first episode of Kirby of the Stars.

"I saw this video and thought "wow. Out of context, without the rest of the movie this scene is so weird and makes no sense." So I decided to watch the entire movie. I came back to this video and it makes even less sense now."
— A comment on the Insanoflex transformation scene from Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Nate Cosby: There's some sort of cheerleader-related stuff going on with tentacles, which generally does not take place during other football games (except maybe as a portion of the halftime entertainment).
Jordan D. White: Those are most definitely NOT tentacles. They are super-whips that take possession of Honey (Lemon) and turn her into a supervillain.
Nate: ...I'm going back to watching football.
Big Hero 6 #3

"You see, as long as the General, who is some sort of vampire hunter, I guess, thinks he has Carmilla, he doesn't have the real Carmilla, which means the real Carmilla is free to... ride in the back of a Jeep. Or something. It makes a lot more sense when you watch it. Oh wait, no, no it doesn't. Actually, it makes a lot less sense when you watch it. I'm simplifying things for the sake of this review."
Something Awful review of Vampires vs. Zombies

"Marville depicts Iron Man, Batman, and Black Panther as right-wing creeps under the sway of Rush Limbaugh, who perplexingly is depicted as being far younger and more attractive than he actually was. Then, for reasons (Bill) Jemas never bothers to delineate, Limbaugh turns against his ostensible political allies by destroying them with a magical golden microphone because he’s only pretending to be a right-wing blowhard? Or maybe he is a right-wing tyrant but even he hates superheroes? Honestly, none of this makes any more sense in context."

Peggy: I, um, I did the work on the weight loss belt, like you asked.
Don: That was fast.
Peggy: You asked me to.
Don: And what is your unique point of view?
Peggy: I wrote it down.
Don: Summarize.
Peggy: It's one day. I don't know if I lost any weight.
Don: Do you feel different?
Peggy: I wrote it down.
(Don sits down in his chair, picks up the folder, and takes a good look in it).
Don: Peggy, you're saying even less in here than you are right now.
Mad Men, "Indian Summer"

Wait? You need to see the scene with context? Alright let me give you some context?
(After clip ends) Did it help? No? Well, too bad!
Joey Tedesco on the "All animals look the same" scene from Norm of the North, Cartoon Palooza

Kevin Sr.: If I could do this instead of you, I would.
Kevin Jr.: I know. But the secure location can only be accessed by my exact biometrics.
Kevin Sr.: Is that supposed to make sense to me?.
Kevin Jr.: It doesn't make sense to me.
The Leftovers, "The Most Powerful Man in the World (And His Identical Twin Brother)"

"I would give you context for that line, but it would just make it even dumber."
Bennett the Sage, on Kate Bosworth's "Why'd you become a Sad Flute?" line in The Warrior's Way

Quotes About Things That Don't Make Any Sense In Context

"I guess it's true what they say about a camel's ass: I am hungry".

Edd: you know there's a turtle on your head?
Ed: (beat) Yup!
Ed, Edd n Eddy, "From Here to Ed" While Ed shows off his materials to help Eddy ambush Kevin, he is shown with a turtle tied on his head like a party hat, for no particular reason.

"SM64: The story of Mario's missing cap and my emerging childhood sexuality..."

Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler, Wrestle! Wrestle! TNA Vlog 2-27-10 wherein Samoa Joe is suddenly abducted by masked ninjas, disappearing for several weeks and then released with no explanation.

(917): you wouldn't come out from under your bed because you said there were six-armed bears everywhere.
(720): ohhh that explains the pepperonis i found in my sock drawer this morning...
(917): no it doesn't.

"In a time before time, I attacked me."
Random NPC, Dwarf Fortress. It's Artificial Atmospheric Actions and Good Bad Bugs running into each other and crashing. "In a time before time" means either the world is young or it's the item testing arena, as the events happened before the years began. "I attacked me" is the result of neither the creature nor the victim having Nominal Importance, which causes the game to mix them up.

"Girls with big boobs? Bunny suits? What the hell do you want me to do?!"
Durarara!!, "Declaration of Disbandment"

To be fair, math doesn't really start until you eradicate all numbers and replace them with ethereal concepts that can only be represented in swahili.

How do you like that, Obama?! I PISSED ON THE MOON, YOU IDIOT!
Real-Time Fandub, Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark Story + Final Story)

A fuckin' chicken mask! An upside down fuckin' chicken mask! (goes into Stunned Silence for several seconds)
The Angry Video Game Nerd, about Plumbers Don't Wear Ties having a picture of the narrator in a chicken mask shown upside down.

"Y'know what, I have age, experience, a beard, what do YOU have, baby?! …a gun? Yeah, that beats all those things..."


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