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"When you kill someone, make sure they're dead!"
Tyler, Heavy Metal 2000

Rayleigh: Wait. I think this guy's dead, but... let's check for a pulse.
Mako: Okay.
[They unload a plasma cannon into the corpse, destroying the entire torso.]
Rayleigh: No pulse.

[The Turtles have presumably perished in April's burning apartment]
Hun: The Foot's back in business, profits are up, and the Turtles are history. Why are we not celebrating, Master?
Shredder: Where... are... the bodies?
Hun: We burned that building to the ground! I think we can safely assume that-
Shredder: We can assume nothing! My enemies assumed they had destroyed me, and it cost them dearly. I can ill afford to make the same mistake. I require evidence of their demise.

[Ghostface has seemingly been shot and killed]
Randy: Careful. This is the moment when the supposedly-dead killer comes back to life for one last scare.
[sure enough, Ghostface springs back to life... only to be put down with a bullet between the eyes by Sidney]
Sidney: Not in my movie.


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