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Quotes from Luminosity.

[N]ow I had identifications for all five: Emmett the bear, Jasper the lion, Rosalie the Aphrodite, Alice the pixie, and Edward, the one who expected something to happen with or to or near me that wasn't[.]
Bella in narration

You don't have to make a hundred mistakes for everything to disintegrate around you.
One will do.
One wrong risk, one misplaced trust, one careless guess is enough to destroy the one thing you can least afford to lose.
But I'd never had any reason to imagine that my disaster would befall me at the time when I was most unexpectedly safe.
Bella, narrating

There is one rule that Mama has that's very, very strict, but which I never actually had to follow before.
When she says
run, I have to leave her and escape by myself if I can.
Elspeth, narrating

You know, it really seems like there should be a way to portmanteau "Renée" and "Esme". The vowels are so similar. But there's just no way to put them together in a way that sounds like a name and not a Pokémon.


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