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"Lord of the Rings
Is one of those things:
If you like it, you do,
If you don't like it, you boo!"

"It seems people have strong opinions about 4E one way or the other. IMHO this is because the game strongly engages a particular design philosophy. If it's aligned with your tastes, it is a godsend. If not, it almost pushes you away.
Actually, I applaud the WoTC for being so bold. If you're going to make an iconic game, you best embrace something. Wishy-washy games have little staying power. That said, I wish they embraced the aspects of the game I valued most. But, you can't make everyone happy."
— markkat, poster, in a discussion of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, showing why this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Analyzing the divided response to Watchmen, Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times felt that, like Eyes Wide Shut, The Passion of the Christ or Fight Club, Watchmen would continue to be a talking point among those who liked or disliked the film. Rarely have critics been more disconnected from what audiences want and love."

"The most disappointing American comedy of the decade."
— Dan Zak's review of Extract.

"The funniest American comedy of the summer."
— Micheal Phillips's review of Extract.

"To different minds, the same world is a hell, and a heaven."

"The best movie of the decade."
Moviebob on Equilibrium.

"This isn't a plot hole, this is a plot canyon."
Film Brain, also on Equilibrium.

"I was in a band in high school. You either loved us or hated us. Or thought we were okay."

"While Drive took a while to find its critics, after contrary bells got mad that people liked it, this one was inspiring angry derision at its première, albeit at Cannes, a setting which trades only in grand gestures of walkouts or standing ovations that go on until the heat death of the universe."
Stuart Millard on Only God Forgives (2013)

"The first great Sonic game in a while."
Chuggaaconroy describing Sonic Colors.

"The game that single handedly doomed the franchise"
Dracold describing Sonic Colors.

"The worst video game I have ever played."
— What ClementJ642 thinks of Sonic 06.

"Flawed but still good"
— What Psyco the frog thinks of Sonic 06.

"I thought it was great!"

"It's a fucking 2! It's a 2 out of 10!"
— Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe Show, reviewing Ghostbusters (2016)

With a lot of old-school Trekkies (understandably) seeing Enterprise as an attempt to “re-do” TOS, and with a lot of new-school Trekkies (understandably) pissed that the new show wasn’t going to build upon the TNG-DS9-Voyager continuity, the show went on to polarize fans like never before. If you feel indifferent towards Enterprise, chances are you’re not really that into Star Trek.
The Agony Booth's recap of Star Trek: Enterprise, "A Night in Sickbay"


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