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Rarity: Big Mac, did you lose your voice?
Big Macintosh: Yup.

Aunt Maude: Hey! Watch where you're going! (Milly starts crying) Oh, it's all right! It's just leaves!
Milly: That's not what I'm crying about. Molly's lost her voice (sob) and she can't sing in the concert and it's all my fault!
Aunt Maude: Well, how on Earth is it your fault?!
Milly: 'Cause I wished she wasn't singing!
Aunt Maude: Fiddlesticks! That's ridiculous! Of course you didn't make Molly lose her voice, what she needs is my special cure!
Milly: What's your (sob) special cure?
Aunt Maude: Fresh honey, lemon juice, hot water, garlic and ground chestnut."
Milly: Eurgh!
Aunt Maude: Well, it's not supposed to be tasty! And most important is you take it last thing at night, then wrap your throat up with a scarf!
—-Milly, Molly, "Class Concert"

"Uncle Feather's lost his voice and Fudge has been talking for him. I caught him in the act."
—-Peter, Double Fudge, "Bird On Strike"

"The Princess has lost her voice!"
—-Maid, Little Princess, "I Want My Voice Back"

I've taken the liberty of depriving you of the power of speech. There will be no talking at Brakebills South. It is the hardest thing to adjust to, and I find it eases the transition if I simply prevent you from speaking for your first weeks here. You may vocalize for the purposes of spellcasting, but for no other reason.
Professor Mayakovsky, The Magicians

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