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While no legend gives enough detail to piece together the face of Arguleon Veq, there is more than enough detail about the panoply of war that once clad his body and killed in his hands. Everything Veq touched turned into a legend of its own. Slaughtersong, a steed either jet black or deathly white depending on the tale and the teller, was faster than light and spat fire from its eyes, and had skin (or scales, or feathers) that could turn aside thunderbolts.

Veq's armour was, rather than just another item of wargear, a loyal retainer and vengeful bodyguard, more astute than most mortal commanders. It would give Veq counsel and, it is said, saved his life many times and had a gauntlet in many of his victories, always facing destruction to protect the semi-divine body of its master.

And then there were the weapons. No library could hold the volumes of tales that are told about the many weapons that Veq wielded in his long and terrible life and in the struggle with the Last. If every one was true then Veq would change his weaponry as often as Torvendis changed its suns, and yet there must be some truth in every story. They tell of the bow bent from the spine of a dragon that fired arrows tipped with its teeth, the whip of spiked chain with links of gold, the sword of purest emerald that put out one eye of the Last midway through the battle, and the massive spiked gauntlets with which Veq tore down mountains and cast them at his enemies.

Many rulers on Torvendis had claimed ownership of one or more of these items, and many of them are widely believed to have been correct. It was surely the spell-staff, forged by Veq from the molten core of Torvendis, which the self-styled Pontifex Infernum used to boil the southern ocean and scour every living thing from the hemisphere. It is almost certain that the shield worshipped by the Crimson Knights, who ruled a century of insanity, was indeed the same one that fended off the fiery breath of the Last, or a fragment of the same. And for every such artefact there were a hundred fakes, some of them masterpieces believed sacred by their discoverers and others deliberately concocted.

Anything believed touched by the hand of Arguleon Veq became something holy, a fount of power that shone with the unseen favour of Chaos, such was the power of legends on Torvendis. And though there are many swords and spears and even body parts that are described as having belonged to Veq, there are far more legends than artefacts that mirror them. It was reasonable, then, to assume that some of Arguleon Veq's wargear still lies somewhere on Torvendis, waiting to be found, or kept secret by those who fear what power they might hold.

"We have found this ancient weapon, so powerful, so sophisticated, it'll clean out your bagpipes!"
Dr. Zarius, Looney Tunes


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