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Rex: Good night, little tough guy. Remember my story.
Raoul Puke: Why? What did he teach him? There was no meaning to the story. Those little bastards are still making fun of him, so nothing’s changed. Is the moral, "Never grow up"? "Always be a momma’s bird"? Bullshit! This is a horrible lesson.

Katie Coltrane: You need to use something a little better than a gun. Use your brain.
(Rich throws his jacket at the T.V., Josh flips off Katie and storms out)
Jack: When has he ever used his brain for anything in this movie? What convinced her of that??
Jay: "You can't accomplish anything with a gun... Oh wait, they just stopped ME with a gun." Fuck this!

See, you can make a mistake like raping someone, just so long as you oppose pollution.
Dr. El Sandifer on Moonbase 3

I thought we’d get loads of stuff about how the Doctor killed little Davros and that makes him a hypocrite, or didn’t kill little Davros and that makes him a hypocrite, or tried to kill Davros and in the process created Davros and that makes him a hypocrite… (and *yawn* because of course he’s a bit of a hypocrite, so what? Are we supposed to not be social actors because to get out there and do stuff means that we pretty much have to embrace a degree of ethical compromise?)

This is a hard subject to tackle, because technically I should not be dismissing the show for having the courage to make a statement at all about such inflammatory subjects, but by the very nature of the show they can only make vague allusions... immigrants are bad business and want to take over. There is talk of the 'majority' who want to live in peace but we don't get to see them (because there's no real conflict in spending time with them). The only examples of the 'aliens' we witness are provoking terror, kidnapping and killing. Hmmm. What this country doesn't need is to stoke the fire on this subject, even in a show as marshmallowy as Doctor Who.

CIA Director: What did we learn, Palmer?
Palmer: I don't know, sir.
CIA Director: I don't fuckin' know either. I guess we learned... not to do it again.
Palmer: Yes, sir.
CIA Director: Fucked if I even know what we did.
Palmer: Yes, sir. It's... hard to say.
CIA Director: Jesus Fucking Christ.

Where does this even come from? I thought the whole point of this one was "finding your place", and they do find their place, so why add this in? "Everyone is your friend"? No they're not! Some people are dicks! Some people want to harvest your DNA, dip you in molten steel and strap a cannon to your back! I don't care how badass that sounds, those people aren't your friends! This is what could only be expressed by going to space? This message was so profound that they had to make Mewtwo suck just to deliver it?


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