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Catherine turned around to find a tall, hideous stranger in her mind. His head was mostly bald with wispy white hairs coming off in irregular patches. His skin was gray, wrinkled, and peeling. Veins bulged and joints protruded. His eyes were clouded like that of a corpse, except in the center, where they were unbelievably black. It was a personage that Catherine would never imagine on her own. She didn't like those kinds of movies.
— A meeting with Yulric Bile, An Unattractive Vampire by Jim McDoniel

Other Vampires may cleave closer to the Undead nature, more closely resembling the corpses they are. These Vampires seem to have a predilection for the most deadly arts of necromancy to construct vast armies of shuffling Undead. Any hunter can tell you that the most dangerous of these are the Necrarchs, for their mastery of dark magic is feared throughout the land. They have wrinkled, corpse-like skin stretched into unnatural shapes over their ancient bones. Their faces have the features of both rat and bat, with prominent fore fangs, elongated ears, and a high, hairless dome of a skull.
Maximilian Sommers, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Night's Dark Masters — A Guide to Vampires

No two Nosferatu look precisely alike, but all are hideous. Gaping fang-filled maws, discolorations, tumors, holes in place of noses, batlike ears, sloping bald heads, twisted spines, claws, wrinkled hides, pustulent sores and webbed fingers are jut a few possible deformities possessed by Nosferatu. An existence in sewers tends to ensure that most Nosferatu smell about as good as they look.
Vampire: The Masquerade — Rulebook