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Anime & Manga

[Edward Elric manages to pierce through Greed's Ultimate Shield a second time after transmuting it]
Greed: What the hell did you do to my shield?
Ed: It's actually pretty simple once you think about it. You may be a homunculus, but you really shouldn't have told me that your body is human, considering that means a third of it is made of carbon. The hardness of carbon varies depending on how the atoms are arranged, so it's obvious that's what your shield is made of. Once I got that figured out, the rest is simple alchemy.
Greed: [while charging at Ed] I'm glad to hear it. It's no fun if it's not a challenge!
Ed: [transmutes Greed's shield once again] And there's one other important thing I noticed! [Edward elbows Greed in the torso] You can't harden your shield and heal at the same time!
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Episode 13: "Beasts of Dublith"

[Tomura Shigaraki] said your Quirk was only shock absorption, not nullification. That means there's a limit to what you can take, right!?
All Might to Nomu, My Hero Academia

Comic Books

I hate the sea. It's one of the few places where my radar sense is useless. Amplified sound with no direction. No sense of smell. No touch. Nature's sensory deprivation tank. And from the height I've just fallen from, I have no idea how deep I am. The only way to know which way is up is from the decreasing pressure on my eardrums. But I'm not thinking about that. All of my abilities have been replaced by wild thrashing while my brain screams "Don't drown."
Daredevil's internal monologue, Superior Iron Man #2

Stegron: You think you can hurt me with that simple primate's tool? Or perhaps you're considering escaping through the water-works again?
Venom: Actually... I was thinking about you. You gotta weigh, what? Twelve, fifteen hundred pounds?
Stegron: All scale and horn and muscle. You're no match for me, meat.
Venom: Yeah... But I bet you can't swim.
Venom #153

"I spent all morning in the hospital, injecting poison into my body, on purpose. Toxic chemicals designed to kill the cancer cells growing inside me. But as soon as I picked up the hammer, that was all for nothing. The transformation neutralizes the effects of the chemotherapy. It purges the poison from my body. But not the cancer. Because cancer is just another part of me now. A part that keeps getting bigger and is killing me a little bit more each time I change back."
Jane Foster, Thor (2014)

Live-Action TV

Spike: I mean, to most vampires, the Slayer was the subject of cold sweat and frightened whispers. But I never hid. Hell, I sought her out. I mean, if you're looking for fun, there's death, there's glory and sod all else, right? [shrugs] I was young.
Buffy: So how'd you kill her?
Spike: Funny you should ask.
[His hand whips out and takes her by the neck. She instinctively reacts, bringing the pool cue up as a weapon but Spike holds her at bay]
Spike: Lesson the first: a Slayer must always reach for her weapon. [assumes his Game Face] I've already got mine.

Video Games

Water against fire? Is it that simple? It makes sense, it's just hard to believe it would work on a guy like that.
Ocelot, "The Man on Fire's Weakness", Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

One must know the enemy to forge such a weapon. Start with a fragment of the enemy. A drop of blood. A crystallized thought. One of its hopes. All of these things tell the way it can die.

Western Animation

[Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and BMO are able to repel one of GOLB's monsters with BMO's song]
Marceline: Oh man, he hates music!
Princess Bubblegum: Uh, duh! GOLB is discord — It's the harmony, harmony hurts them!
BMO: My art is a weapon!

[Spike opens the door to the room the Rainbooms are trapped in.]
Twilight Sparkle: Spike! [picks up Spike and hugs him]
Spike: Sorry I took so long — I had to find somebody who wasn't under the Siren's spell to help me get you out!
[Vinyl Scratch reveals herself]
Twilight Sparkle: Why isn't she under their spell?
Spike: Never takes off her headphones.