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Dad: Yes, we're well aware of his [Calvin's] reputation.
Fortune Teller: And yet, you do not know him at all.
Dad: I'm sorry?
Fortune Teller: You only see what you choose to see, and you see only the negative in your son's persona. You are blind to what he sees.

Crucible: Again with the Echidna thing. Can't you tell—
Clockblocker, Kid Win, and Vista [in chorus, with Kid Win not even looking up]: Classified.
Crucible: Fuck you guys.

Agent J: Wait, you mean to say that apart from me, the entire MIB organization was in on this plan?
Agent L: No. Frank the Pug was in on it too.

Farnsworth: Fry can't know anything about the mission. If he finds out, the worms will try to defend themselves. They know everything he knows.
Bender: They know how to make ice cream soup?
Futurama, "Parasites Lost"

Annabel Usher: The Illuminati built this place with secret passages and tunnels out the wazoo; supposedly, all their records covering centuries of occult lore are kept in an archive, but the archive is hidden-
Carter: Wait, the one below the school?
Annabel Usher: Below the school? Och, I pure hate it when I repeat things.
Carter: Uh, I kind of... heard about this full-on Illuminati vault. Like, the seniors might have tried to crack the lock a few times - or something. You can see it through the floorboards in the Old Block... I heard.
Headmaster Montag: Ah, that Illuminati archive.
Annabel Usher: Tell me you're pulling my leg.
Headmaster Montag: No... well, I couldn't discount a manifestation of unconscious telekinesis.
(Sheepish Pause)
Annabel Usher: ...Well then, there you are. The secret Illuminati archives, lost to the ages.

Bullock: Smith, lovely wedding.
Stan: Um, sir, I need to know the whole story about why Project Daycare was cancelled.
Bullock: Why, because of all the deaths, of course.
Stan: (eyes widen)
Bullock: (gasp) Good God! You did it, didn't you?! You activated your daughter!
Stan: Look, sir, I know you're mad, but—
Bullock: Deactivate her! Now!
Stan: I can't, it's been over seven days.
Bullock: WHAT?!
Stan: I'm kinda worried. I mean, I thought she was supposed to lose her free will, but I just gave her an order and she didn't...
(Stan sees that Bullock has run off; Bullock calls him on his cellphone from the parking lot)
Bullock: Smith, get the hell out of there! (to valet) Green Taurus, chop-chop. (to Stan) The problem isn't that she'd lose her free will. The problem is she's going to turn on her handler!
Stan: But I'm her handler.
Bullock: (to valet) NO, A GREEN TAURUS! EL TAURUS VERDE! (to Stan) Smith, Hayley was trained to be unstoppable killing machine, and she won't snap out of it until you're dead!
(the valet arrives with the car; Bullock throws him out and drives away)
American Dad!, "Haylias"

Geez, you miss the beginning of a huge event and you're totally lost.

"I feel I was denied... critical... need-to-know... information."
Burt Gummer, Tremors 2: Aftershocks

"There was a raid last night? Oh, but...why didn’t I hear anything of that?"
This Bungo Stray Dogs fanfiction


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