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Quotes / Living on Borrowed Time

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Deadshot: You're slow, Zoom. In the old days, you never needed help. What's the problem?
Zoom: You might say everything. [unmasks himself to reveal a gaping bullet hole in his head; Harley gags]
Deadshot: Nice shot.
Zoom: It was Batman. In another timeline. Can't say that I blame him. Thanks to me, his entire world was going to die. Only Flash could turn back time, and I was damned if I was gonna let that happen. I never saw it coming... but I felt it. I tried to vibrate my inner molecules to save my brain even as the bullet was tearing through. And in that moment, that very infintesimal split-second before death, I drew the Speed Force into me with every ounce of willpower I had left. I literally bought time. I'd expanded my moment of dying into days, maybe weeks... but it's like operating in a fog. Everything's a little unreal, and warped. I feel like I'm walking through water sometimes, and then when I speed up, I can feel my life slipping away. I'm running on fumes now... but I've got just enough gas left for this.

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