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Quotes / Littlest Pet Shop 2012 S 1 E 13 Lights Camera Mongoose

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Quotes from the Littlest Pet Shop (2012) episode "Lights, Camera, Mongoose!"

"Superstar Life" Lyrics
Music and Lyrics by Daniel Ingram

Shahrukh: Get on your knees and bow right down.
I'll sing you a song of my renown.
When you're a famous pet like me,
You look at your life a little differently.
Just one servant is not enough.
I need at least a dozen to hold my stuff.
And when I go shop right down the street,
I take my jet to spare my feet.

Shahrukh: Water please!
What is this?
Russell: It's water.
Shahrukh: What? No bubbles?

Penny, Minka, Shahrukh, Pepper, Zoe: Whoa, whoa-whoa

Shahrukh: A butler stands by every door.
To open it myself seems such a chore.
I've got more money than you can see.
One course, two course, three course, four.
Every meal takes three hours or more.
Steak's too big, so what do I do?
I just pay somebody else to chew.

Penny, Minka, Shahrukh, Pepper, Zoe: Whoa, whoa-whoa

Shahrukh: I've got an honorary degree
From every single major university.
I think it's funny, but don't ask me.
I pay other people to laugh for me.

Shahrukh: Oh my, why am I still standing?
Pick me up!

Shahrukh: Ah, much better now!
Dance solo!
Oh, bring it down! Shake what your momma gave you!
Yes, move it move it move it!
I like what I see!
I'm not doing it but you do it so well! That's right!

Shahrukh: If you ask me, it's just not fair.
Everywhere I go, other people stare.
But it's not hard to feel envy
When I'm head to toe in jewelry.
That's my life as a superstar.
You can see it's not an easy thing by far.
Now I'm going to count to three,
And I want you all to cry for me...


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