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Quotes / Light 'em Up

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"Light, give me POWER!"
King Mickey, Kingdom Hearts II

"Let the darkness DIE!"

"You'd be surprised how much energy is in a beam of light."
prot, K-PAX

"Light can do a lot of things. It can illuminate. It can welcome. It can warm. As it turns out, it can also make laser beams that slice through protosteel."

Speed is "weight". Have you ever been kicked at the speed of light?
Admiral Kizaru, One Piece

If thou wouldst pierce the shadows... make thee a blade of Light.
Hydaelyn, the Mothercrystal, Final Fantasy XIV

A sword of steel can bring death to an enemy, but a sword of light can bring dawn to a world lost in darkness.
Flavour Text of the Sword of Light magic, Dawn of the Dragons

The light from my dragon erases the shadows! Let's go, Blue-Eyes!
Seto Kaiba, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links


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