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Gordon Ramsay: That's the salad I had, lunchtime. Just open the bag, and bang, out come the flies. Uh, gentlemen, it gets worse than that.
(camera zooms in on a mouldy burger that, at best, has probably contaminated every other burger)
Gordon: It's green. It's beyond edible. It's disgusting. Look at the colour of those chicken wings.
Andrew: (Confession Cam) Everything in there was putrid.
Gordon: How long has that been in there? (Martin begins to stammer) Give me an answer, because I'm shitting myself!
Martin: Uh, yes, there's a head chef responsible for this...
Gordon: This will kill somebody!
Martin: I'm not passing the buck, but...
Gordon: I know my general manager knows what the fuck's going on in my fridges. Where are your standards?
Martin: Our standards are...
Gordon: Look at it! Let me just tell you something: I've eaten here!
(Gordon picks up half a rotten tomato)
Gordon: When's that from? That's been sliced. That's gone out. What is that- where's it- hey, madam. Where's that tomato gone?
(A customer is served what may or may not be the other half on a lamb biryani; meanwhile, Gordon pokes a slug out of the half still in storage)
Gordon: Look, it's fucking rotten, you fucking idiot! It's rotteeeeeeeeeeeen! Has a customer just been served a slice of TOMATO!?
Waitresses: No, no, no.
Gordon: SO WHERE IS IT!?
Andrew: (Confession Cam) Oh, my god.
Martin: (Confession Cam) Things are looking pretty glum.
Gordon: Looklooklook, look, look! It's rotten, Mohammad. Tell himnote  in your language: "You'll kill somebody!" What do we need, a death in the restaurant before some fucker gets a grip?
Kitchen Nightmares, "Dillon's"


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