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"Everybody wants to be the one to strike the head of the tyrant, but not the one to hold the axe."

"...Therefore I say, yes, I am a collaborator. We must all collaborate, willingly, eagerly, if we expect to reap the benefits of unification. And reap we shall."

"You heard cue-ball, right. Pretty soon, they're gonna all be daywalkers, man. And when that happens, I'd rather be a pet than cattle."

I mean, sure, the Patriots claim to be just a society for proud and loyal citizens, but I even know that they're really in cahoots with the authorities. It was the Patriots, after all, who were demanding the detention of all Muslims, even before the Canberra bomb. It was the Patriots who lobbied to get the death penalty reinstated as punishment for treason. It was the Patriots who helped run the campaign that introduced conscription. It was the Patriots who forced Christian prayers back into every school in the nation. And it was the Patriots who orchestrated the banning of abortion. "Procreation, not immigration!" that was their motto. note Even their name is a giveaway. Since when did Australians use a word like "patriot?" They were my brother's biggest fan club, running dogs and informers all. And now we were with a whole busload of them.
Underground, by Andrew McGahan

For months before the reconfiguration, the Abbe Alesch had been a well-known preacher against the Nazis. A very few intimates had known, too, that he worked as part of Jeannine Picabia's clandestine network, Reseau Gloria. He'd been courier and confidant, able as a priest to pass through the zones, carrying messages and contraband. His Gloria comrades called him "bishop," and he heard their confessions.
He was a double agent. In the S-Blast's aftermath, he had sold his comrades to his Nazi paymasters and almost every one of them had died. Alesch, V-man, informer, paid not thirty pieces of silver but twelve thousand francs a month. Two austere activists, Suzanne Deschevaux-Dumesnil and her lover, the Irishman Beckett, had escaped from the carnage of Gloria; they had gotten word out of Alesch's perfidy, but he had not cowered. Rather, he had inaugurated a theology of betrayal. A Catholicism of collaboration - with the German invaders, and with those invaders from below. Rome denounced him, and he denounced Rome right back. He made himself Bishop in his own Fuhrer-funded church.

They are stronger than us, smarter than us, live longer than us, and are far better looking than us. They are our superiors in every respect, and the taxes are lower when they rule. When they come back, I will be the first to welcome them.
Hanskarl Denk, Sylvanian, on the Von Carsteins, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Night's Dark Masters - A Guide To Vampires

Tobias: <You remember what the Andalite told us. Many humans and Hork-Bajir are voluntary hosts. The Yeerks persuade them to let them take over.>
Rachel: I can't believe that. No person would ever let this happen to them. No one would ever give up control of himself.


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