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Mr. Gibbs: Now Will, when a pirate's marooned, he's given a pistol with a single shot. One shot. Well, that won't do much good hunting or to be rescued. But after three weeks of a starving belly and thirst, that pistol will start to look real friendly. But Jack, he escaped the island, and he still has that single shot. Oh, but he won't use it though, save on one man. His mutinous first mate.
Will Turner: Barbossa?
(later; the crew of the Pearl are leaving Jack and Elizabeth on an island)
Barbossa: Jack…Jack...did ya not notice? That be the same little island that we made you Governor of on our last little trip.
Jack: I did notice.
Barbossa: Perhaps you’ll be able to conjure up another miraculous escape...but I doubt it. Off you go.
Jack: Last time, you left me a pistol with one shot.
Barbossa: By the powers, you’re right. Where be Jack's pistol? Bring it forward.
Jack: Seeing as there’s two of us, a gentleman... would give us a pair of pistols.
Barbossa: It’ll be one pistol as before, and you can be the gentleman and shoot the lady - and starve to death yourself.

"Hey Al. Men in your profession, you give 'em a pistol and then leave the room. I don't have a pistol, Al."
Richard Nixon to General Alexander Haig, Nixon

The Director: Agent Carolina?
Carolina: Yes, Director?
The Director: Would you be so kind... as to leave me your pistol?
Red vs. Blue, Season 10

I have to report this to the boss. Perhaps you'd prefer to avoid the red tape.
Nikita Khruschev, Enemy at the Gates

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