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Quotes / Late to the Tragedy

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Cyborg: The signal we got must've been a distress call.
Starfire: We are too late.

My bathysphere traveled through rings with rings - a glidepath to my final destination. The hatch opened. I steeled myself - expecting to face a challenge - the sharpened lances of the Red Queen's knavish army. I was greeted by naught but silence!
I found myself walking through the darkened corridors, strangely quiet - littered with chaos. In the soft glow of the empty store-fronts, I noticed streamers on the ground and party favors. "Had some grand celebration been interrupted in the midst?" I mused. Glass crunched beneath my feet; I bent down to discover the shattered stem of a discarded champagne glass. "Late for the party," said I, reflecting upon the irony. I wondered where all the revelers had got to - even as I heard scuttling sounds in the distance; even as I felt unseen eyes watching me.
Orrin Oscar Lutwidge, Bioshock 2: There's Something In The Sea

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