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Page for Quotes taken from ''Last Child of Krypton:

At that moment, he happened to chance a glance the way he had come. He came by train, of course, as he was instructed, but he looked up the road. He saw waves of heat, the heat of a summer that never ended, rising from the road, creating the illusion of water in the places where it lowered. He also saw waves of shimmering infrared radiation, the heat rising from the ground and the buildings, and the faint interplay of cosmic radiation, the little that leaked through the ionosphere, painting the world in a dozen hues no one else could see.
Shinji Ikari, chapter 1

"Is anybody hurt?"
"I bith my tongue!" one of Asuka's bodyguards announced. She palmed her face.
chapter 2

Kaji:"How's Asuka doing?"
Shinji:"Fine, I guess. It's only been one day."
Kaji:"I'm a little worried about her. She's not as strong as you think she is."
Shinji:"She seems pretty hardheaded to me, [...] She held her own against some of the guys."
Kaji:"Glass seems hard, [...] until you hit it the wrong way, or drop it, then it shatters."
chapter 3

Kaji:"She's like my daughter, boy. I expect you to watch out for her, and be a gentleman. If you don't, if there's way out there to hurt you, I'll find it."
Shinji:"I would never hurt her."
chapter 3

"Why? You flew into that thing, what, to come after me? You could have died. Why would you do that? How could you be so stupid?"
Asuka, chapter 12

Diana: "When I was younger, my elders recognized the dangers facing Man's World. A champion was chosen, an emissary to bring peace and justice, to act as an example. That champion was gifted by the Gods themselves. These bracers gift those who wear them with strength drawn from Gaea herself, granting great power and endurance, and speed, the gift of Hermes. Through this lasso, one may wield the fires of truth, making any bound by it incapable of lying."
Asuka: "You want me to…"
Diana:"Yes, [...] By taking up the gifts of the gods, you will become more powerful than any man. You will rival Yui Ikari's child in strength and speed. You will even be able to fly."
Asuka: "Fly? [...] Why me? Why give this to me?"
Diana: "We are few, now, [...] Second Impact and what came after took a terrible toll on our populace. More importantly, I am… no longer worthy. They are no longer mine to use. Will you accept them, Asuka? Will you become our champion?"
Asuka: "Yes,"
chapter 17

Rei:Look at you. The final crisis has come and gone. You are dead, but refuse embrace your end."
Darkseid:"It doesn't matter, [...] so long there is evil, there will be a place for Darkseid."
Rei:"So long as there is a Darkseid, [...] there will be a Superman to oppose him."
chapter 26

Ritsuko:"If you knew the things I mean… I'm a horrible, horrible person."
Shinji:"You may have done something wrong, but you're still a human being, and there is good in you. I can see it, even if you can't."
Ritsuko:"Bullshit, [...] Get out, I don't want to hear this. I told you, if you knew half of what I've done, you'd want to kill me yourself."
Shinji:"That's not true."
Ritsuko:"I'm scum. I deserve everything Gendo does to me and more."
Shinji:"You're better than you think you are."
chapter 8 (rewrite)

He took her by the shoulders and to her immense shock, he hugged her. It was a calm, almost fatherly embrace. Her arms hung at her side, limp, and her eyes were wide with surprise. It was the most reassuring thing she could remember ever feeling. He was so strong, so sure, like nothing could move him without his wanting it to. It was like being held by a castle.
Shinji Ikari, chapter 8 (rewrite)

Asuka:"D-don't, [...] D-d-don't you like me?"
Shinji:"I do, [...] You're the bravest person I know. You're smart and talented and kinder than you think you are."
chapter 9 (rewrite)

Asuka:"Quit being such a doormat,"
Asuka:"Stop apologizing all the time. That's the first rule."
chapter 9 (rewrite)


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