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Cole: What's his problem?
Commander: That's Biggs. He's an institution.

Earle: Hi, Phelps. I'm keeping an eye on you. I could spend a little time basking on reflected glory. Make a change from busting hookers and dope fiends.

Cole: Who was that, Commander?
Commander: Roy Earle, chief detective of Ad Vice.
Earle: We got better things to do than spending time with two dead junkies.
Colmyer: Did I ask your opinion, Detective? Two army men junkies dead on Army surplus morphine! That makes it an Ad Vice case! Beat it!

Earle: I have a human interest story. It involves a certain LAPD cop, a hero from the war who has let his beautiful wife and kids down, who betrayed America for a German junkie whore, who has abandoned his pledge to the LAPD, and his commitment to the public we all serve.

McKelty: Phelps, I'm partnering you Herschel Biggs.
Biggs: I don't do partners. You know that, Cap.
McKelty: You do now, Biggs.

Cole: We're about to go and visit Elysian Fields Developments.
McKelty: You're about to do what? Leland Monroe, he's a personal friend of the Mayor and the Chief. Are you out of your mind?! I'm warning you, Phelps.

Earle: Buy me a drink, Cole?
Cole: No!
Earle: Not even for old time's sake?
Cole: Not even for that.

Earle: Stay away from Elysian Fields.
Cole: I should have known you were playing errand boy.
Earle: You and your doofus partner. You have been warned.
Biggs: You're not the biggest asshole around, Cole.

Cole: Courtney Sheldon was a corpsman, Roy. He served his country! He went out with a medical kit and an Army .45 and into places that made the Valley of Death look like a picnic. He was either naive enough or dumb enough to get involved in the Suburban Development Fund along with the mayor, the D.A., Monroe, and a certain crooked cop. He was involved in the morphine heist, but he has a puncture wound in his jugular, which makes this a murder case. He was a better man than you'll ever know. You say one more word about him and I will blow your FUCKING HEAD OFF!
Earle: You've finally lost it, partner.

Hogeboom: You're Sergeant Jack Kelso, aren't you? Where's your uniform, Sarge?
Jack: At home in my locker, Hogeboom! War's over, soldier!

Elsa: He killed that man.
Cole: He was doing him a favor, Elsa.

Earle: We're gathered here to honour Detective Cole Phelps. Cole Phelps was the best kind of man. A war hero who lead his men with true valour, and, through his personal bravery, achieved one of his country's highest honours. A cop, wrongly accused, who never lost his faith in the LAPD and the system. A detective who fought to expose the evil corruption of the murderous Dr. Fontaine, and rapacious property tycoon Leland Monroe. A reformer who recognised the need to remove the odd bad apple from a department made up of good men. A man who never gave up, who continued to fight the good fight... the fight that cost him his own life. A good husband, a good father, and, may I say, a good friend.