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"I want to touch the lava."

"My quotes page has only one quote in it as well. GET A MOVE ON IT, PEOPLE."

"Kneecaps are funny!
-Katrika on shooting people in the kneecaps

"I'm still cute, right? AGREE WITH ME OR I'LL CUT YOU!"
-Katrika on swearing on Vent and threatening people with a switchblade

Haven: Also I guess I missed Kat threatening to stab people. But it's not like that won't happen again.
Katrika (less than a minute later): Shut up Haven! Shut up or I'll f*** cut you! xD

"Door can't keep herself locked. Any fellow with a key can get her to open and rock back and forth, squealing."

"Stop talking about cocks."

"Booooobies." "boobies."

"Oedipus Rex still makes me think of an incestous dinosaur."

"But I'm not loli! I've got huge... -ahem- ANYWAY. I'm not loli."

"I use the girliness to get peoples guards down. Then I strike. None of my victims are ever able to spread the word about me. Their mouths are sealed with bubblegum and they have debilitating diabetes."

"Being a na'vi would be horrible. I mean, they don't have books, right? I need my books. And my pokemon."

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