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There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.
Francis Bacon

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
Sam Keen

So it's actually not about seducing and nailing disabled girls. The girls happen to have disabilities, but the more you get to know them, the more you come to realise that they are girls just like any other. They are humans with hopes and dreams, and messy, fucked up insecurities about being alive and happy. They are not strange people - they are regular ordinary human beings who feel the way they feel not because they are disabled, but because they are ordinary. They are the universal allegory for humanity; the archetypal human; the mess you become when you feel sad and alone and unworthy. They are the girl next door, the prom queen, the bookworm, the tomboy, and all the baggage that comes with that - nothing more or less.

They resonate with you because you recognise your flaws and needs and desires and triumphs and victories, and those of the loved ones you know and care about. You want to make them happy, because you want them to be happy, because you know them and are them, and in some way you believe everyone you love deserves to be happy.

You are not alone, and you are not strange. You are you, and everyone has damage. Be the better person.
First, I would like to thank all the staff that participated in the production of this game.While I did not participate in the production, I was deeply moved at the spirit of dedication and the perseverance of those who were involved in this work. I have to admit that when I first heard of this project I was surprised and somewhat anxious, but my heart was filled with joy every time I could recognize via the nets how members of the team were so highly motivated and pressed on with the production, leading me to closely watch over the progress being made from the very early stages. I know how it is very difficult to maintain motivation in a project where the production timeframe becomes protracted, and thus I get deeply affected when I imagine all the difficulties the members of the team must of have had to overcome. Again, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and profess how I was profoundly touched by your efforts. Thank you very much!


As much as I try to put a positive spin on this, it's very difficult.

Mutou: Nakai, what do you think the purpose of this school is?
Hisao: Umm... To cater to the needs of disabled students?
Mutou: No. If we wanted to do that we would have built a whole new school from scratch... Look around, Nakai. This school is about giving you all a future that you would have been denied in regular education. Think of it this way. If we wanted you to graduate and go straight into a hospital, do you think we'd put in this much effort?

Lilly: Is there anything on the menu with fish in it?
Hisao: Let's see...
No. No. No. No. Aren't those poisonous? No. No. No. They eat that stuff? No. No. No. No... Ah, here we go.

Try as I might to picture this mystery sister, all I can think of is Lilly in a suit. And I can't imagine that not being attractive. Not at all.

Hisao: We're just two children, pretending to be adults, aren't we?
Hisao, after Lilly tells him she's leaving for Scotland.

Near the end of Emi's path
Emi: Determination? What do you know about determination?
Hisao: Moving forward feels good.

Hisao: Our pasts may be scattered and at times overshadowed by sadness, but they're also an irrevocable part of our lives and personalities. Even if I could change a single thing, I wouldn't, because my past is what led me here. That's why, even with all that's happened to us before, and all that may well befall us... together, we'll keep walking forwards. Forwards... towards the future. Our future.
During Lilly's Good ending


Kenji: This is not a romantic princess picnic. This is a manly picnic. No glasses. No napkins. Whiskey only.
Hisao: Whatever.
Kenji: And pretzels.

Kenji: There can only be one, like in that foreign movie where there could only be one, and in the end there is only one dude left, because that was the point.

Kenji: Women are terrible at stabbing things.

Hisao: Aren't you also <blind>?

Kenji: There's a few people I wouldn't mind sitting with. Nobody's like you, though.
I feel a shiver run through my spine.
Hisao: Clarify that now.
Kenji: They don't listen. Their minds are closed. It's the media, man, the Goddamn brainwashing mainstream feminist Fascist media.

My god, Kenji! If you could only see the conspiracy unfolding!
"Proper Exercise", Act 1

Kenji: As the days go by, I realize more and more that you're not ballin'.

Kenji: What the hell? What do you mean there's a girl who does the same thing? You mean she touches her glasses? I do that, that's my thing. Who is this bitch? Why are bitches all up in my business, stealing what I do?!"

Kenji: Hey man, what's... Whoa dude, you look awful, I think. You okay?
Hisao: I... don't really want to go into it. It's late.
Kenji: Okay, that's cool. If you ever want to talk about it, I'm, you know, here.
Hisao: Thanks, Kenji.
Kenji: Hey, it's cool. That's what friends are for, right?
"A Faraway Future", Act 3 of Lilly's routenote .


Rin: The problem must be in your pants!

Hisao: Talking with Rin is like playing chess with a supercomputer who does seemingly random moves as if to mock everything you know about chess. It's like that, but with human interaction. And even if I win, it feels like losing.

Rin: Underpants are the soul of a girl. You shouldn't peek at someone else's soul. Even if you are not a girl.

Hisao: What are you doing here this late?
Rin: I... I was wondering about that myself too. Just now. Some people asked that just before. I assume they were wondering the same. I didn't know. They didn't know either. I asked. That's why I'm wondering. So that was pretty much it. It's a murder mystery without a murder. ... They were going that way.

Rin: I'm having my period and I need some help regarding that. However, I don't feel that our relationship is yet on the level where I could allow you to pull my underwear down in the girls' toilet even if you offer to.
"Clouds in My Head", Act 1

Rin: that's why I'm trying to figure out if there is something I need to figure out and then figure that out before it's too late and all hope is lost.

Hisao: You're a deep one.
Rin: Nah, I'm a really shallow and thoughtless person. People say that to me all the time.

Rin: That's not good. It has to be like... like the color you wake up and you know that you saw the meaning of life in your dream but can't remember it. Maybe it's yellow...

Rin: I won't shake hands with you, but at least we know who we are now.

Rin: Why? Why does all this happen? People are doing things I don't ask for and don't want and everyone keeps getting angry at me, I have no idea what is going on anymore and can't stop feeling like I want to run away from everything...
She shuts her eyes tight and breathes out deeply, calmly. Then they open, all I can see is dark green desperation.
Rin: I have no idea what's wrong with me!

Rin: I won't say "See you tomorrow" because that would be like predicting the future, and I'm pretty sure I can't do that.
"Foot and Mouth", Act 1

Rin: Just be.

Rin: I think I should say sorry. I'm really bad with people. Some things are hard to understand - like jellyfish. Do you understand jellyfish?
Hisao: I... I guess not.
Rin: People are like jellyfish to me. I don't understand.

Hisao: So... if you're miserable, you talk to a tree about it?
Rin: No. What? You can't talk to trees. What do you think I am, crazy?

Rin: I can't hug anyone, Hisao. I'm a bad person like that. That's why I have to go.
"The World Only You Can See", Rin's Neutral Ending, thought of by most as a second Bad Ending.

Rin: Hisao? What's the word for when it feels inside your heart that everything in the world is all right?
Rin's Good Ending, where she finally decides to be who she is, not what others want her to be.


Emi: Besides, you were just going to try sneaking more of that fried crap, weren't you?
Well, I wasn't going to, but now that she mentions it, that would've been a really good idea.
Hisao: I was not!
Another glare.
Hisao: Okay, maybe I was going to get a little...
The glare continues.
Hisao: Okay, a lot.
Jesus, I’m a danger to myself and others, aren't I?
"Is Carnival!", Act 1

Emi: I kind of...sort of...Gavehermycold.
Hisao: Oh dear. Am I at risk too?
It would make sense, after all. Emi and I were in close contact the other day...
So what did she and Rin do that got her ill?
Steady on, old lad. Don't go down that road.
"The (Real) Beginning", Act 2

Hisao: I just want you to be happy, you know?
I get the feeling that came out wrong, because Emi fixes me with an icy stare.
Emi: So you want to fix me, Hisao?
She's definitely getting angry now.
Emi: Wanna swoop in your white charger and save the day? Stop the nightmares, the phantom limb pains? Restore what's lost?
Her voice catches in her throat, and the tears start to flow.
Emi: Well, you can't. Nobody can. No body will.

Shizune & Misha

Shizune: ...!

Misha: Wahaha~!

Shizune: ...
Misha: [translating] Misha, stop doing that! [pause, realization hits] Wait... I'm Misha...

Shizune: [We are going to play for it.]
Hisao: Play what?
Shizune: [The oldest game known to man, upon which the fate of nations has been known to rest: Rock, Paper, Scissors.]

Hisao: [(Learning sign language) is actually not that easy. It's actually hard as hell. Like trying to pick up broken glass. But I guess in some ways it's interesting, as well. Like an adventure. Well, no...]
Shizune: [Picking up broken glass is not an adventure.]
Hisao: [Sure it is. It's just as challenging.]
Shizune: [If you use a dustpan and a broom it's not.]
I feel frustrated and sad.

If...If it only takes a second for there to be love, I think I may be falling in love with her.
Just a little bit.

Shizune: [I forgot that the whole time, Misha was there, opening up to me, and giving a hundred percent everyday. I missed what I was looking for, because it was in plain sight.]

Shizune: (about Lilly) [That was the worst to me, that she could be so nice and still take so many people for granted. Why even join the Student Council, then? It seemed so shortsighted and selfish, don't you think? But it's actually me who's this way. Like Misha said, always trying to pull people close and then shutting them out. That's how I've treated her, which makes me a bad friend. And it feels like I did the same thing to you, which makes me a bad girlfriend, too, even if Misha says you might as well replace her. I'm angry that I screwed things up enough for it to get this out of hand. All I wanted was to... make people happy, I think.]


Lilly: I believe that there are things one chooses to do in life, and also things that are chosen for one to do in life.

Lilly: Have I ever apologized for my blindness even once? You can't help the way you are born, Hisao. There's no point in apologizing for who you are. You are a beautiful person, Hisao. Please don't apologize for that.

Lilly: I love you, Hisao. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! Don't go away, I beg of you. Never ever, go away. I love you, so please...!
''So... that's why she's been acting like this. That tender voice when I called her, her thoughtless concern at the slightest pain I might feel... After having been left in Japan without her family, and with only Akira, Hanako, and I around, she was afraid of losing yet another person who was close to her. She was genuinely worried for me. It's a strange feeling. A mix of surprise and sorrow, yet also of the deepest gratitude I think I've ever felt. The only reaction I can muster among my conflicting emotions is a soft sigh.
Hisao: You idiot.
Crescendo, Act 3

Lilly: Adolescence is a funny time.

Lilly: We're a couple of broken young fools, aren't we?

Hisao: (hearing that Lilly anticipated and welcomed the possibility of having sex in the bath) I knew it. You're just as dirty-minded as I am.
Lilly: That's a rather crude way of putting it.
Hisao: Oh? And you would suggest?
Lilly: I merely have a healthy adolescent sex drive.
Hisao: So in other words, dirty-minded.


Hanako: I... I... I...
Hisao: I... ?
Hanako: Ivegottogodosomething!

Hanako (showing her scars to Hisao): This is me... all of me.

The wall between us is going away, even if it hurts so badly to bring it down.

Hanako: Then, please accept my first gift to you, Hisao.
The final line of Hanako's Good Ending

Hanako: I know I need help! I know I'm broken! I don't need you telling me that!
Hisao: I never said you were broken, or anything like that!
Hanako: It's written on your face, it's written on Lilly's face, it's written on everybody's faces! I see a therapist every week, Lilly dotes on me as if I were her child, and now.....even you! Nothing's changed, nothing at all! I hate Lilly, and I....I hate you more than anyone...!
"Misstep", Hanako's Bad Ending

Lilly: Hanako, remember when we first met? When you entered my room for the first time after overhearing my consoling of a friend, you didn't say a single word for the entire night. Even as I poured you tea and talked, you just sat silently and simply listened to what I said. It took many quiet meetings like that before you began to open up to me, but as you began to, I felt some of the happiest moments I've ever felt. I didn't become your friend because I pitied you, Hanako. I became your friend because I knew you were hiding not just from me, but from everyone. Your ambitions, personality, interests, tastes... I didn't know any of them, and neither did anybody else. As you showed yourself to me, though, I began to realize the person that you were, and became sure that our meeting was a very special moment.
Hanako: But I...
Lilly cuts her words short as she brings her hand to Hanako's head and brushes her bangs to the side, gently pressing her lips to Hanako's forehead. As she pulls back, leaving Hanako all but speechless and her eyes moist, Lilly beams a wide smile.
Lilly: I believe you are a very beautiful person, Hanako, and I am certain you will become a strong and confident woman. You are a very dear friend, and someone whom I love very much. Just like Hisao, I will never forget you for as long as I live. I may be leaving, but you have your own life here to lead. Just as I do, you have your own friends and hobbies, and your own hopes after graduation. I want you to devote yourself to them, even after I'm not around anymore. That is why I think you will be okay. Because you are your own self, with your own life. You yourself proved that to me.
Hanako lowers her head in embarrassment, but nods as she does so.
Hanako: I...I understand. I know I have to say goodbye... I know you have to go your own way... But... thank you, Lilly. For everything.
Lilly: Thank you, Hanako. Will you be okay?
There are a few seconds of silence before the answer comes.
Hanako: I will.
"Farewell", Act 4 of Lilly's route

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