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Quotes / Just You and Me and My GUARDS!

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Kjelle: Coward! You promised me a duel, you soulless blackheart!
Cassius: Indeed I did. Consider all these men my seconds, heh.

Elektra, take care of this. I have guests.
Kingpin, Ultimate Spider-Man

"This is it, Lopez. It's time to settle this once and for all."
", the great rivalry between the accordion thief and the mariachi. After so many years, it has come down to you and me, eh?"
"Damn straight," you reply, readying your weapon.
"You and me and my bodyguards. Bodyguards! Kill him." Several extremely burly mariachis step out from behind the statues, grinning and cracking their knuckles.
"Lopez, you are such a dick."

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