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Nothing is working. The old woman, she used to just huff some Jet, pop some pills, then she'd start babbling, spouting vision after vision. And they all turned out true. The Raiders burning the town, killing the parents, stealing the kids. Stealing me. I remember the look in her eyes when she saw my fate. "Kid, you're gonna be a monster." All true. If I could get that sort of power, that sight, the Commonwealth, the other gangs. No one would have a prayer. But nothing's working. Maybe I need to try upping the dosages. I'm gonna need another bucket.
Jared, "Stumped" terminal entry, Fallout 4

Rada Nastase: Adrian, I had a dream, the strangest dream-
Adrian Zorlescu: Of course you did, you're wasted. But I'm not your dream diary.
Rada Nastase: You were there, I think, and angels too... black-winged angels with eyes like dying stars.
Adrian Zorlescu: Wait, what? Continue.
Rada Nastase: Everyone's floating, dissolving, changing. Metamorphosis. We are butterflies dragged screaming into the chrysalis. I saw the terrible caterpillars that re-emerged. There's constant fighting, but no one knows who the enemy is... something's rising.
Adrian Zorlescu: Yes. Something more evil than the world can contain.
Rada Nastase: I can't describe it, the shapes, the colours, the sound of it... No, I remember the sound, I remember thinking it was a signal. The signal at the end. What does it mean?
Adrian Zorlescu: You'll find out... soon.