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"Here's what's what: They weigh the pros and cons of jumping to conclusions when considering a caper with almost twenty lead characters that spans centuries. He takes a bullet to the head. A sharp looking man loses a few fingers for a few seconds. She takes a dip. They don't need luck to survive an attempted hit on their lives. A turf war is raging. Even with a bloody stump, he would still like to kill the love of his life. He's got a big mouth and a bad habit of killing men with a certain surname. There is still one left. They believe a cover up is called for when corpses start stacking up along the tracks. Friends new, old, and immortal wait at the station. A journey that will soon begin is completed."
—First episode summary of Baccano!. Your task is to make sense of it.

Mickey Mouse: Ya see, it all makes sense!
Sora: It... does?
—What can be said about the plot for Kingdom Hearts

Don't tell me there's MORE! I'm lost enough as it is!
- Sora, once again speaking for the player


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