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Quotes / It's Short, So It Sucks!

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"Now I don't mind so much if they only have four stage (sic) if these four are your best stages, but if this your best, you're just askin' for a PRO REVIEW Takedown, Natsume!"
Omega Five PRO REVIEW, in a justification of this complaint.

"The trouble with being a freelance game critic is that no-one sympathizes with your problems: No one seems to care that it's proving very difficult to keep up, when by the time I've finished reviewing a game, six more have popped up like wooden ducks at a target range. No one, that is, except EA, who have been kind enough to provide Mirror's Edge, a game that I finished in a day, thus freeing up loads of time on my schedule for playing other, less horrible games."
—Ben 'Yahtzee'' Croshaw

"FOUR HOURS?! FOUR HOURS?!!! Are you serious? What is this bullshit? You expect me to pay sixty dollars for this game that's only four hours long, AND THEN YOU'RE GONNA PEDDLE DLC BULLSHIT TO ME?! ARE YOU FUCKING OUT OF YOUR MIND?!"
Angry Joe, Blistered Thumbs Open Discussion!


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