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Superman: Welcome back, Kara — I hope your trip was a pleasant one!
Supergirl: Trip? What trip? What in blazes happened to me anyway?
Superman: That, as they say, is a long story!
Supergirl: So? Tell me about it! I've got all the time in the universe!

Lois Lane: S-Superman... What's wrong with you?
Superman: Never mind — long story, Lois!

"It's a long story and I don't know most of it."
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "The Time of Angels"

"It's a long story, Harry, and I'm tired of telling it. I'm sure someone around here will tell you before long."
Tom Paris, Star Trek: Voyager, "Caretaker"

Aced: I've heard enough! Luxu, what was your role?
Luxu: I hope you like long stories.

Marco: <About time you guys showed up! We were getting our butts kicked.>
Jake: <Is there some reason why you're a snake?>
Marco: <Long story.>
Animorphs #20: The Discovery

Luke: Jessica?
Jessica: Luke...
Luke: How you been?
Jessica: Long story.
Danny: We have to get out of here! (pushes past her)
Jessica: Who's he?
Luke: Longer story.


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