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    Real Life 

Boredom is therefore a vital problem for the moralist, since at least half the sins of mankind are caused by the fear of it.
Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness

And people! We kill people! Because they're pests! And it's fun!

It's my hobby. The thing I use to break the monotony of waiting for death is spreading misery by ruining the material goods of others. I enjoy it, and I do not understand why you do not sympathize, for my role is destroyer just as yours is to be destroyed.
Ed Crankshaft (as interpreted by Chris Sims)

What would you do if a stranger came up and offered to buy you a new wardrobe? ...Well, that's exactly what happened at a Burlington Coat Factory in Columbus, Ohio, where a woman named Linda Brown went to the cash register and announced she would pay for everyone's purchases. Customers predictably reacted to this generous offer by grabbing all the shit they could get their hands on, as well as calling friends and family members to come get a piece of the charity action. The result was that 500 people crammed into the store, along with up to three times as many outside trying to get in. Oh, and two dozen police officers also showed up to try to control the crowd and/or score some sweet new coats.

After about an hour of letting people shop, Brown hopped into her limo and disappeared. People stood around a bit, figuring she just headed to the bank to bring back some suitcases full of cash.

She never came, she wasn't a millionaire, and the limo was rented. It turned out that it was hard for a pretend millionaire to pay for even a rented limo, so she was turned into the police. At least she got to travel there in style.

The Lulz. Do it for them.

Jim Starluck: Also: What would be the point of destroying it? All three versions were completely unarmed.
Darth Wang: Umm..... because it's there?
Torvus: That is the correct SpaceBattles answer. It's also the reason to destroy planets, warships, superweapons, Nazis, demons, people we don't like, zombies, Communists, candy factories, Communist candy factories, defenseless old people, and of course small fuzzy animals.
[plays SB national anthem]

Alan: We can't be friends anymore. When we get together, bad things happen and people get hurt.
Mr. Chow: (puzzled) Yeah, but that's the point. It's funny.

Gregor: It was just a stupid joke. We did it to relieve the boredom.
Doctor: Well, it was very funny. (to Tricky) They lied to you. Changed your identity just to provide some in-flight entertainment.

Bob: Why, Megabyte? Why do this?
Megabyte: It Amused Me.

Angie: (On Benny purposely trying to cause her entire marriage to fall apart) Why would you do that?
Benny: I was bored.

Wow.... Some people are upset....why devon.?? Why? Lol lol lol...that's why . Oooo... almost forgot testify lol
Devon via his Twitter account.

Mal: Why the act? All the seduction games, the dancin' about folk? There has to be an easier way to steal.
Saffron: You're assuming the payoff is the point.
Firefly, "Our Mrs. Reynolds"

Sherlock Holmes: Why are you doing this?
Jim Moriarty: Why does anyone do anything? I'm BORED!

Sokolov believes that there are specific words and acts that can compel me to appear before him. He searches old temples in Pandyssia and ruined subbasements in the Flooded district. He performs disgusting rituals beneath the Old Abbey. But if he really wants to see me, he could start by being a bit more interesting.
The Outsider, Dishonored

I'm just a guy who's a hero for fun.
Saitama, One-Punch Man

Potter: I apologize for this, gentlemen. Can you imagine that idiot thinking we were a spy ring?
[Winchester laughs softly]
Hawkeye: Charles, did you have something to do with this?
Winchester: Of course not, wouldn't waste my time...unless I could get a good laugh out of it. [starts laughing uproariously]
M*A*S*H, "Rally 'Round The Flagg, Boys"

I stepped aboveground for some other business, when I suddenly had the thought to entertain myself by seeing the face of an aristocrat who’d just found out that his own son was an arsonist. Nothing more, nothing less.
Fermet, Baccano!! 1711 - Whitesmile

"Well with things being as tense as they have been lately the entire school feels like it is on the edge of collapse. I think that Ruby's little plan might very well bring some levity to the situation and maybe prevent utter chaos when the actually tournament comes up." he sat back in his chair and waited for her response.
It was impossible to know what bothered Glynda Goodwitch more, the fact that what he said made perfect sense, or the fact that the sanity of the school now rested in the hands of a plan so insane that it might as well just be a bad dream. "Any other reason?" she asked.
A wry smile crossed the face of the headmaster. "Because sometimes even I need a good laugh."

Raven: Great Bird Spirit! Why? Why did you lead us into this death trap?
Bird Spirit: No particular reason. I thought it’d be funny.

Puck: Then will two at once woo one / That must needs be sport alone.
And those things do best please me / That befall preposterously.
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act III, Scene 2

"Why haven't I killed you? ...I've asked myself the same thing, several times... But you're no threat to me. And I admit, you have your uses. Besides, I'm not one for court jesters, but you do...amuse me."
Walhart to Excellus, Fire Emblem Awakening

The Lone Wanderer: Why the hell would you want to look like a little girl?
Stanislaus Braun: Why not? I have been in this place for two hundred years. This is something to keep me amused.

The Lamprey: You murdered every one of my children because you were seeking knowledge. So, what did you learn by torturing each one of them to death, hmm? I want to know.
Alice: I wasn't seeking knowledge. When they died, they made pretty little lights. And when they died slowly, the lights got even prettier.

Edrin Walker: Oh, you little bitch. Don't you dare tell me I didn't need to wear this.
Charra: There was a very good reason for it actually.
Edrin Walker: Your own amusement doesn't count.
Charra: Walker, there is too much darkness in the world just now. We have to enjoy what lighter moments we can. All too soon, they will be dead and gone.
The Traitor God, by Cameron Johnston

Paleotechs were said to have created the Type II stars and their planets. One of their specialties had been the triggering of novas as a crucible for heavy metal creation. Why? Why not? Paleotechs weren't easily understood. (Once, Kin Arad answered to her satisfaction at least the question of why the Paleotechs had created stars. "Because they could.")

Batman: Why?
The Joker: "Why?" You need a reason? It's probably the same reason I beat that puppy to death with a kitten last week. When the howling and meowing stops, and all you're left with is a mess of fur and blood and brains... well, you just can't beat that warm glowing feeling inside.
Injustice: Gods Among Us Issue #4note 

Kumoko: So... what's your goal?
"D": It's just amusement. There's no meaning or goal.

Susie: Why the CAPTURING!?
Queen: So That She May Become My Willing Peon In My Quest For World Domination
Queen: Also Maybe I Will Make Her Face Into A Robot One?
Susie: What!? Why!?
Queen: Seems Cool
Deltarune, Chapter 2

Ellie Martin: Doctor, I don't understand what you think you're up to.
The Valeyard: It's very simple, Ellie; I'm amusing myself, weaving new and far more stimulating patterns in the fabric of space and time...

Ponda Baba: Rk-rk-nuurf-nuuuurk?
Cornelius Evazan: Another good question! What purpose is served by such a contrived scenario? Well, as you know, I am the galaxy's foremost guerrilla scientist — challenging ethicality in all its forms. I've likewise been called an artist: plumbing the depths of performative sadism and abomination! Either of those things would justify today's experiment. And yet, if I boil it right down, I confess I have a more profound motive for forcing this pair together. I thought it would be funny.

I don't climb for girls or money,
I climb 'cause it's fucking funny!

Martyn: Yeah, cheers, buddy! Thanks for living! One last stand, knowing full well we'd have to run out of food OR patience eventually! And then what?! We just kill one another?! Is that it?!
The Watcher: Amusing, is it not? We had a taste before. Back in the winter. It wasn't enough! There was something... missing. The adrenaline of war softens the fear of men. Their souls don't ring with the color of panic and confusion as they try to understand what's happening, moments before their demise. It's DELICIOUS. Our hunger grew those months. We waited. And then all it took was a simple 3... 2... 1... and you all obliged.