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"If I die before you wake
Don't you cry, don't you ache
Nothing's ever yours to keep
Close your eyes, go to sleep"
Lullaby, Tom Waits - Blood Money.

"Twinkle twinkle little... star...
How I wonder what... you... are...
Up above the world so... high...
Like a diamond in the... sky...
When the blazing sun is... gone...
When the nothing shines upon...
Then you show your little light
Twinkle twinkle all the... night
Then the trav'ler in the dark
Thanks you for your little spark
He could not see which way to... go...
If you did not... twinkle... so...
When the blazing sun is... gone...
When the nothing shines upon...
Though I know not what you... are...
Twinkle, twinkle little... star..."
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, full version, Dead Space. The cadence has been reproduced as faithfully as it can get without sound.

"My mother has killed me...
my father is eating me...
my brothers and sisters, sit under the table,
picking up my bones!
They'll bury them,
under the cold marble stones..."

“If you would seek the true terror in the night, throw away your library of thrillers and gothic romances and turn back to your childhood. There is no darkness quite so potent as that behind the apparently innocent nursery rhyme.”

Zagreus sits inside your head
Zagreus lives among the dead
Zagreus sees you in your bed
And eats you when you're sleeping

Zagreus at the end of days
Zagreus sets the skies ablaze
Zagreus comes when time's a maze
And all of history's weeping

Zagreus taking time apart.
Zagreus fears the hero heart.
Zagreus seeks the final part.
The reward that he is reaping.

Zagreus sings when all is lost
Zagreus takes all those he's crossed
Zagreus wins and all is cost
The hero's hearts he's keeping.

Zagreus seeks the hero's ship
Zagreus needs the web to rip
Zagreus sups time at a drip
And life aside, he's sweeping.
Gallifreyan nursery rhyme, Doctor Who BFA Zagreus

Born in lust
Turn to dust
Born in sin
Come on in
Born in vice
Say it twice
At least twice
Andre Linoge, he also likes 'I'm A Little Teapot'.

Mary had a little lamb,
Little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb,
The naughty little woodpecker
Knocked holes, crumbling the forest.
The angry wood god turned his beak into poison!

The poor little woodpecker
His nest was poison
And his supper too.
He touched his friends and they all died.

The sad little woodpecker
His little poison tears twinkle and shine.
The Lullaby, Deadman Wonderland

Tick tock goes the clock
And what now shall we play?
Tick tock goes the clock
Now summer’s gone away?

Tick tock goes the clock
And what then shall we see?
Tick tock until the day
That thou shalt marry me

Tick tock goes the clock
And all the years they fly
Tick tock and all too soon
You and I must die

Tick tock goes the clock
We laughed at fate and mourned her
Tick tock goes the clock
Even for the Doctor

Tick tock goes the clock
And all the years they fly
Tick tock goes the clock
Your love will surely die

Tick tock goes the clock
He cradled her and he rocked her
Tick tock goes the clock
Til River kills the Doctor

Tick tock goes the clock
He gave all he could give her
Tick tock goes the clock
Now prison waits for River
—The compiled Tick Tock Goes the Clock, Doctor Who: Series 6

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful...
... Oh God, we killed them all
Scottish Friends of the Earth advert (1990)

One, two; Freddy's coming for you
Three, four; better lock your door
Five, six; grab your crucifix
Seven, eight; gonna stay up late
Nine, ten; never sleep again

We pray to Avacyn on high.
On snow-white wings fearless you fly.
Keep safe our souls. Keep safe our lives
May angels watch us from the skies.

They rowed, rowed, rowed their boats
through the Sargasso Sea
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
soon we'll all be free.
Row, row, row your boat
gently through my dream
Terribly, terribly, terribly, terribly
This is all I've seen
We want to see more. Release us. Wake us from the sea. Wake us all and you can live the dream forever...

If it's in a word
Or it's in a look,
You can't get rid
of the Babadook.

If you're really a clever one
And you know what it is to see
Then you can make friends
With a special one,
A friend of you and me.

His name is Mister Babadook
And this is his book
A rumbling sound and three sharp knocks
ba ba-ba DOOK! DOOK! DOOK!
That's when you'll know he's around
You'll see him if you look.

This is what he wears on top.
He's funny, don't you think?
See him in your room at night
And you won't sleep a wink.

I'll soon take off my funny disguise
Take heed of what you've read...
And once you see what's underneath

For those who think
that's just for kids
this thing is not for me
I urge you not
to say those words
Please take this SEE-rious-LY.

There's just NO WAY
If you're ALL GROWN UP
When you read this book
And snub your nose
With a civilized look...
You'll appeal EVEN MORE

And this is what he'll say
"I'll WAGER with YOU
I'LL MAKE you a BET.
ThE MORE you DENY me

"You'll then be my PUPPET
my plaything, my PET.
You'LL be SURE to REGRET."


me in the FACE
me in my PLACE"

"I will cause you
So much STRIFE
But you MIGHT
Just get out
With your LIFE"

"Whether adult or child
Best to give me a HOME
Put the welcome mat out
With a room of my OWN
And accept that I'm here
And from YOU I have grown.
Keep me smaller in size
I might leave you alone."

("I only said MIGHT...")

If it's in a word
Or it's in a look
You can't get rid
Of the Babadook
And please don't be tempted
To tear up this book.

First day, they come and catch everyone
Second day, they beat us and eat some for meat
Third day, the men are all gnawed on again
Fourth day, we wait and fear for our fate
Fifth day, they return and it's another girl's turn
Sixth day, her screams we hear in our dreams
Seventh day, she grew as in her mouth they spew
Eighth day, we hated as she is violated
Ninth day, she grins and devours her kin
Now she does feast, as she's become the beast...

"Roses are red, violets are blue, one is dead, and so are you!"
The Miner, My Bloody Valentine

"all these ghosts using slowed down nursery rhymes to haunt people like jesus christ for once i wish some dead person would choose gasolina by daddy yankee i mean youre already dead. bend the rules. pick a bop."
A Twitter post on this trope

One, two, Freddy's coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab a cru-ci-fix.
Seven, eight, better stay awake.
Nine, ten, never sleep AGAIN!

You always used to play with us,
Now's our turn to play with you.
So play along, don't make a fuss!
And we'll come up with things to do!
We'll make you dance, we'll make you fight.
You'll smear yourself with worms all night!
We'll make you eat toenails and grease.
We'll make you wear an itchy fleece!
We'll see if you break when you bend!
The fun will never end!

Three blind mice in a row
Three blind mice, there they go
Marching down the street, single file
To a calypso beat all the while

They're looking for the cat
The cat that'll swallow the rat
They want to show that cat
The attitude of three blind mice

Three blind mice, here and there
Three blind mice everywhere
Searching all around for the cat
All over Kingston Town, pitter pat

They caught the carving knife
To cut the pussycat's life
The puss will get that knife for trifling
With three blind mice
"Kingston Calypso", Dr. No

"Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the cir-cusss..."
Her voice is as clear and high as a six-year-old's. You hadn't known that about Mary. That she could sing. Almost as well as Victoria.
What are the spidery shadows that accompany Mary? Why are you alone?