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Cliff: You see, Tiny, uh, you know, calling you Tiny, a guy of your, you know, girth, is what we in the comedy profession call a juxtaposition. Right? Juxtaposition! You see, it's like calling a bald guy Curly, a fat guy Slim, a tall guy...
(Waits but sees that Tiny isn't going to get it)
Cliff: ...Shorty!
Tiny: I like that. You're Smart.
Cliff: Why, thank you.
Tiny: No, that's your new nickname. Get it?
Cheers "Teaching with the Enemy"

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, wuz 'e?
He was a baldy waldy!

That's me. They call me Happy Streeter. Thing is, I'm the meanest, most miserable fuck in the whole fuckin' office. I guess it's one o' them ironic nicknames you hear.

Peter: Why do you always call me tiger?
Mary-Jane: Why do I...? Oh, Petey - I call you tiger 'cause you're not!

Lost dog. One eye. Three legs. No tail. Neutered. Answers to the name "Lucky".
A joke

"They call me "Panic" 'cause I never do."
Panic, Ticks

Belinda: Why do they call you "Curious Hal"?
Curious Hal: [Beat] ...I don't know.


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