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"'You are treating me like an old actress! I'm far too young a person to be doing this. Who are these people?' But she did know who they were, and gave easily her best performance. She also awed Sam Spiegel, the producer, by spitting in his face."
Gore Vidal on Katharine Hepburn in Suddenly, Last Summer, Point to Point Navigation

"The truth is, if you have access to Oprah, you respect it."

"To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catchphrase, the 'U-turn', I have only one thing to say. 'You turn if you want to. The lady's not for turning.'"

"My father was a statesman, I'm a political woman. My father was a saint. I'm not."
Indira Gandhi (her father was Jawaharlal Nehru; no genetic relation to M. K. Gandhi)

"When I got first introduced to the wrestling business... [wolf whistle] a seed was planted at a very young age... [catcall] And I found something in the w—Shut up. This is my time. I worked 26 years for this, so you paid your ticket and be quiet." [receives ovation]

Hirogen Beta: Is this female your Alpha now?
Capt. Janeway: If you don't like the way I do things, I can leave you on the nearest habitable planet. Then I'll assume we're in agreement. Until this is over, you and your men are restricted to this mess hall.
Beta: Prisoners!
Janeway: Guests.
Star Trek: Voyager, "Flesh and Blood"

Rima Karaki: How can a respected Shiekh like yourself tell a TV host to shut up?
Sheikh Hani Al-Siba’i: I am respected whether you like it or not—
Kariki: Enough. Let's wrap this up.
Al-Siba’i: It's beneath me to be interviewed by a woman like you! You are a woman who...!
Kariki: Just one second. (cuts his mic) Either there is mutual respect, or this conversation is over.
— Al Jadeed Interview 3.4.15 ("In this studio I run the show")

"As the unofficial Queen of the Universe, Amal Clooney has the power to do what she wants — from putting war criminals behind bars (no biggie) to giving award-show pageantry the side eye it deserves."

"A disturbing and shameful fact hit my head the other day: The goddess of all goddesses Joan Collins has never been Hot Slut of the Day. During the almost 11 years since Dlisted was born behind a dumpster in the back alley, I have slobbered out a Pacific Ocean-sized worth of praise about Joan Collins and I can’t believe I never properly bowed down to her. I should text you all the GPS coordinates of my corner so you can take turns slapping my face with a satin glove-covered hand...But since it’s a brand new year, it’s time to finally right this wrong. I don’t need to say anything about Joan Collins because she’s Joan Fucking Collins. If you need to know more about her, just go to your local church, because I’m sure the preacher there is giving a sermon solely about her being our lord and savior."
DListed, Hot Slut of the Day: Joan Fuckin' Collins

"When a rude trick pulled out a phone and started texting halfway through the second act, Patti decided to lay a silent attack on a bitch. While delivering her scene exit line, Patti snatched the phone out of the rude texter’s hand and sashayed off the stage. I would hate to be sitting next to a rude texter, but I’d pay top dollar to see Patti LuPone own them with just one swipe. All the bodegas in NYC would be out of roses, because I’d buy them all to throw at Patti...Put Patti in a theater usher uniform, give her a chancleta and watch out. Theatergoers will break their phones on the sidewalk before a performance to really make sure it doesn’t go off in Patti’s presence."
Michael K., "Patti LuPone is an American Hero"

"I'm now starting to think we should retire the whole 'chicken vs. egg' debate and change it to 'Which came first, Emma Watson or Hermione', because that is literally exactly what I imagine that bad bitch Hermione would say if some asshole hacker at Hogwarts (cough Draco Malfoy cough) threatened to release pics of her wearing nothing but a patronus."
DListed, "Emma Watson Was Beyond Pissed At The Hackers Who Threatened To Release Nude Pics Of Her"


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