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Hermes: Planet Express delivery company roll call! Captain Turanga Leela!
Leela: (Carrying Nibbler) Here!
Hermes: Delivery boy, first class, Philip J. Fry!
Fry: (Nibbler spits Fry out) Here!
Hermes: Assistant Manager of Sales, Bender Bending Rodriguez!
Bender: (falls on Leela and Fry) Here! Cerveza, por favor.
Hermes: Long-term intern, Amy Wong.
Amy: (Combing grown out hair) Here! (Bender burps, burning her hair into its original length)
Hermes: Company physician, Dr. John A. Zoidberg.
Zoidberg: (eating Fry's lunch) Huh? I thought it was mine!
Hermes: Bureaucrat Grade 34, Hermes Conrad is who I am. And now I am proud to present the owner and founder of Planet Express, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth!
Farnsworth: You're all fired.
Hermes: Sweet bongo of the Congo!

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