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Sakon: Oh no! Without Orochimaru's arms, we're sure to lose!
Jirobo: But our army outnumbers them thirty to...
Sakon: We're sure. To lose.

And suddenly, with the situation at its most bleak, with Garrett imprisoned and the only way out blocked by a horde of murderous hammerites determined to smash his skull, Garrett wishes himself out of the jail cell and escapes. As if by magic.
The Thief anti-walkthrough on

Alpha strike: An all-out attack that would be suicidal if it weren't for the fact that it wins immediately.
MechWarrior fan name for this trope.

Victory! Of course, somehow finding the staff suddenly eliminates the fact that we're being smashed by large hordes of giant anthropomorphic pigs and we have no plausible escape route from the area we're in but whatever I win haha you all suck.
Let's Play Myth II: Soulblighter

"The enemy's gate is down."
Ender, Ender's Game


Hellfire's rage! Exodo-flame!
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Japanese version

Looks fine to me, I'm sure he'll live...
Surgeon Simulator 2013 as soon as you meet the bare minimum of the objective

Take another turn after this one. You lose the game at the end of that turn. (You don't lose if you've already won.)

Harry: (on being shown the Golden Snitch) I like this ball.
Oliver Wood: Ah, you like it now. Just wait. It's wicked fast, and damn near impossible to see.
Harry: What do I do with it?
Oliver Wood: You catch it, before the other team's seeker. You catch this, the game's over. You catch this, Potter, and we win.

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