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Quotes / Insignia Rip-Off Ritual

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You're asking for mercy? Like Agent Liberty got?! Like poor Mister Henderson!? Like my father!? You don't deserve mercy, you deserve a beating! And this? You don't deserve to wear this.

Farnsworth: This is an outrage. I demand that you hand over your captain's jacket.
Leela: This is my normal jacket. I've had it for 10 years.
Farnsworth: I said hand it over!

Mr. Garrison: I guess I'm not a teacher anymore. I suppose you'll be wanting my badge and gun. [puts revolver on table]
Chairman: Mr. Garrison, most teachers do not CARRY a gun!
Mr. Garrison: Oh, so I can keep it then?

"Now you're no longer soldiers. You are all criminals!"
Allied commander Nuremberg

"Count Thespides," said Yasmela, "you have my glove under your baldric. Please give it to me, and then go."
"Go?" he cried, starting. "Go where?"
"To Koth or to Hades!" she answered. "If you will not serve me as I wish, you shall not serve me at all."
"You wrong me, princess," he answered, bowing low, deeply hurt. "I would not forsake you. For your sake I will even put my sword at the disposal of this savage."


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