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Quotes / Ineffectual Loner

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"You've been flying so high
Avoiding the road
Pretending to not feel alone..."
Misterwives, "Vagabond"

"The path you're heading down, where you're the only one with the answers...where you do the thing you think is right no matter the's not going to take you anywhere good."
Oscar Pines, RWBY

Sundown Kid: "I've been on my own for a while now. Left it all behind. My life. My people. But as the nights've added up... All that time out there in the cold and the dark... I've come to miss the warmth of good company. And a home to hang your hat..."
Oersted: "...A sentiment I share. Such hate I've nursed... And solitude I've sought. And yet...and still... (sigh) For all their faults, I miss them so, so much."