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"It is time to treat humans as — let's not mince words here — as the cattle they are!"

"The Glukkons were scared 'cause profits were grim.
Paramites and Scrabs had been turning up thin.
But Molluck was cool; he had a plan.
This new kind of meat? IT WAS US!"
Abe the Janitor, Abe's Oddysee

It was much like a production line. They stood on a metal grille floor, each with their tools, and took care of the patients as they swung in. The patients were strung up by meathooks rammed up through their throats and out through their mouths, hooking them by their jaws to dangle from a conveyer chain that ran overhead and brought them in from one entrance to be processed before being hauled out to exit from the other end of the room.
Processing was basic torture with whatever the students wished; between the more refined, thought out forms of torture, there was plain, simple physical trauma, the everyday business of Hell.


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