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Quotes / In the Name of the Moon

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"Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!"

"I'm Sailor Moon! And in the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

"For the world, for the people, Daitarn 3 will smash the ambitions of the Meganoids. If you don't fear the shine of the Sun, then bring it on!"
Banjou Haran, Daitarn 3

"You, who would desecrate this land of the rising sun! With my advent, I, the God Yato, shall lay waste with the Sekki and expel thy vast defilement!"
Yato, Noragami

"The love in our hearts will slice through evil's darkness! DANKUUKOUGAKEN! YATTE YARUZE!!"
Shinobu Fujiwara, Dancougar

"Tonight we strike! There is thunder in the sky!
Together, we fight! and some of us will die!
But they'll always remember that we made a stand
and many shall die by my hand!"
Manowar, Hand of Doom

"To mow down the evil in this world!
To save people from distress!
My soul burning with justice will ablaze my fighting spirit!!
Here I come, evildoer!"

"The heavens cry out! The earth cries out! The people cry out! They cry out for me to destroy evil! Listen up, evildoers...I am the warrior of justice, Kamen Rider Stronger!"

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you! Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!"
Domon Kasshu, Mobile Fighter G Gundam

"This hand of mine is burning red! Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory!"

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, Green Lantern's Light!"
Green Lantern oath.

"By the wyrm eye that bleeds in all the dark places.
By the wound that never heals!
I summon you... BLOODTHIRSTER!!!"
Lord Crull, Dawn of War

"I'm a proud Saiyan who calls Earth home, and I'm here to defeat you. I am the warrior you've heard of in legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury. That's what I am. I am the Super Saiyan, Son Goku!!"
Son Goku, Dragon Ball Z Kai

"O pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, O evil spirit born of those drifting between heaven and earth, may the thunderous power from the garments of these holy, delicate maidens strike down upon you with great vengeance and furious anger, shattering your loathsome impurity and returning you from whence you came!
Repent, motherfucker!"
Panty and Stocking Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Both Scanty and Kneesocks: Break, O Earth; Dry up, O sea; Burn out, O sun; Grant us power Earthly leaders and gate keepers of Hell. Guide us, makers of the underworld! We are high-class Demon Commanders!
Scanty: I'm Scanty.
Kneesocks: And I'm her darling little sister Kneesocks.
Fastener: Fastener!
Scanty and Kneesocks speech, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

"I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn."
Gandalf the Grey, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (This Film of the Book simply removes an utterance of "You cannot pass" after "flame of Anor")

Prepare for trouble!
Make it double!
To protect the world from devastation!
To unite all peoples within our nation!
To denounce the evils of truth and love!
To extend our reach to the stars above!
Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now, or prepare to fight!
Meowth, that's right!
Team Rocket, Pokémon: The Series

"O pitiable Pokémon born in a world not its own; receive freedom from some guys in drag; cleansed of human impact; return to your state of purity. Liberate!"
Black and N, Black Adventures

Black: We are the protagonists.
Joy: And we fight for love and justice.
Black: I'm Black.
Joy: And I'm Joy.
Black: And on behalf of my balls,
Both: We shall punish you!

"One should never harm others, nor themselves in the face of anger. MY CREED! This is the guideline I live by, and it is the law of my masters! However, it doesn't apply to scum like you have no discipline! Come on!"

Twilight Sparkle: Wallflower! You have magic you do not understand! But it is nothing compared with the Magic of—
Pinkie Pie: Yeah yeah, we get it. LIGHT HER UP, LADIES!!!

"You! Do you know what you’ve just done? What mistake you’ve just made? Do you really think that merely giving me what I want and then saying ‘It’s impossible’ would crush my spirits? Who the hell are you, anyways, to decide my limits for me? You’re just a parasite, eaten out with jealousy and longing for love, with no knowledge of what it really is—and I defy you! You’ve showed me a so-called impossible dream. But all that’s going to do is make me try harder! You don’t know a single thing about dreams! They shine brighter than stars, and I tell you, if you’re going to try and snuff mine out, then you’d better bring thrice as much pain and an ocean of sorrow! Because I know that, once in a blue moon, when the stars are in the right place and hopes are high...Dreams do come true."
Mutants & Masterminds Game, Kayne/Seamstress really telling off a Despair Demon that had trapped the party in lotus eater machines

"When nine and nine meet nine,
The depths of reason shall stir.
When the seal of creation is broken,
A voice like thunder shall sound, and thou shalt know-
We have arrived!"

"Our friends' hopes and dreams are etched into its body, transforming the infinite darkness into light! Unmatched in Heaven, and Earth; one machine, equal to the gods! Super Galaxy GURREN LAGANN! We're gonna show you the power... of the human race."