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Chris: Also, and I can’t believe we haven’t mentioned this yet, the lowest point of all: THEY CUT JOHN GLOVER’S HAIR.
David: I wonder if that or the transference is the reason he suddenly, inexplicably developed a conscience.
Chris: There are clearly dudes in prison with long hair, so I assume they had to cut it because that’s the only way to keep him in jail. No walls can hold that lustrous mane!
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri, on Smallville ("Transference")

Now our last prince must cut his hair, never to return? Sometimes it seems like the gods are laughing at us.
Emishi monk, Princess Mononoke

It's gonna be a haircut. Alright? You say you need a haircut, they gonna fucking cut your hair! You're going in saving twelve bucks, just FUCKING DO IT!

Michael: D'you think I'd look good with a new haircut? I think I would. Do you?
Brian: What did you have in mind?
Michael: I don't know. Maybe buzz it all off, or bleach it.
Brian: That'd be cool. For two years ago. So what's wrong?
Michael: Nothing's wrong. Why do you think something's wrong?
Brian: Because every time something's wrong you wanna change your hair.
Michael: That is so not true!
Brian: (to Debbie, Michael's mother) Michael's thinking about changing his hair.
Debbie: Oh, God! Baby, what's wrong? Tell me!

She took the shears and padded over to her mirror, which shone in the moonlight. She looked at her reflection for a moment, then held her red braid in one hand and opened the shears with her other hand, positioning them just above her shoulders, the cold iron blade brushing her skin. Her rich scarlet hair, the very symbol and last remnant of any feminine delicacy she had ever possessed, that had been held onto and treasured by her mother for years, now laid between the guillotining blades.

"I'm not ready for this. But at least I'll die looking fucking fierce."

"[...] And then you got arguably the world's most overly dramatic haircut."
Tangled: Before Ever After


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