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Chrome: As a wise, faithful man from the Precedes once said: Look down at me and you see a fool; look up at me and you see a god; look straight at me and you see yourself.

Chrome: People live toward an ideal. Ideals set by those above them. You can't satisfy them. They see something above them, and they reach for it. If they catch it, they then look up once more. There's always something to find. But I would like them to look forward, at each other. People need to be unshackled by all things above them.

At this point, our secrets likely don't need to be secrets. If you leave a lie to fester through generations, it becomes unwritten law. It's conveniently exploitable.
Agent Black

Chrome: I once read an inspiring story from a book in The Precedes. A single man almost managed to bring the world to its knees were it not for the collective efforts of many nations to prevent it. The segregation of nations let him get as far as he did. I believe the UNITY of those nations, which brought peace, symbolize that we should all strive to find a common ground in our own time.
Isi Captain: I know of that "story", and I find it interesting the way you actually chose to compare it to yourself. Besides, history tells us every unity eventually breaks or changes; there's no one person's ideal that suits every single person.
Chrome: Don't you believe ideological disagreement only feeds the potential of evils to rise?
Isi Captain: That's like asking if I believe the wind needs the air to exist. You're a young man, you need to do more living before you can make educated conclusions.
Chrome: Look upon me, and realize that there's finally a chance at conclusion.
Isi Captain:...All I see is a poor, delusional juvenile. His mind is warped by the books he doesn't know how to read. The two of us will never agree, so are we done here?
Chrome: If we all agree, there's no conflict. There's always another way to settle a disagreement. (Kicks him off the cliff.)
Tolo: These people are just idiots, they will never understand this stuff, general!
Chrome: Pirates are people like you and me, Tolo. They are just too stubborn to understand what they are causing.
Tolo: Y-yes, of course! I am sorry if I said something dumb, general! I shouldn't have opened my mouth, I have no right to force my thoughts into your negotiations.

Words don't make changes. Wounds do.
Agent Black

Fitzroy was a symbol of a new world. A world that recently came alive - after a long time of feeling lost - with a gift from the skies. It came with some arrogance and a sense of grandeur, of course. But he served as a figure of hope. Poor Fitzroy, like any man, fell in love. But the woman was only human, and she eventually passed, while he remained unchanging. During grief, he noticed that he started to forget. It came as both relief, and worry. But maybe the heavens were letting him move on with his purpose?

Fitzroy, the legendary man of the tale, would eventually forget the grief of losing his first love, and repeat history. As his years of living continued, unending, he felt memories of his past left him. He could focus on serving the people. The heavens spared him from suffering! But then he met the one woman he truly wanted to always be by his side. A forbidden love. The poor maiden, barely having had time to have real life experiences, was spellbound by the man. Fitzroy felt, with the heavens at his side, he would offer up the maiden to them, to make her like him. He wouldn't have to grieve, or forget. Their love would last forever. But the heavens seemed to betray his wish. The maiden became deformed. Like a carcass, yet breathing. But she was at last eternal! To the horror of Fitzroy...

Fitzroy, appearing revolted by the appearance of the love of his life, would abandon his undead beloved. "I must leave the public, until I forget again." He decided that he could not return until he had forgotten what she became, and even who she was. He would wait for the heavens to, once more, grant him the wish to forget his loved one. But he remembered. He eventually hid away from the entire world. He was never seen again. Some say he forgot everything, except the face of his love.
The Tale of Fitzroy and The Maiden

Here I am, Fitzroy. By the ancestors... You can't even stand up. No more running. No more pity. You and I are unnatural. People are not meant to live for as long as we have. I am losing my mind, Fitzroy. I have been terrified of it... but I got to you in time. Your mind clearly faded a long time ago... You have your body, but not your mind. I still have my mind... but not my body. I leave everything behind, just to be left behind. For you, then by you. We were going to watch every night sky there would ever be, until each and every star had faded. "Eternity" is only the dream of irresponsible children. Nothing with a prospensity for fear would ever endure eternity. Times we live in may keep our bodies alive longer, but our minds will not keep up. We live for enough time so that we forget everything we lived so long for. Only in death will you atone, Fitzroy. Not in this sanctum of self-pity and doubt. I have remained alive solely for this day. I finally found a person who subdued you. I will bring us death, at last. Do not fear it. That is the only purpose we ever had.
The Conclusion to The Tale of Fitzroy

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