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"The living are always so blind. All we had to do was open your eyes. The veil is pulled back for you forever, Ron Stoppable. You have a gift. The dead will always find you, will always touch you and you'll never be alone again. A true Paragon."

Hanekoma: See, he [Joshua] sees things.
Neku: Things? Like, "I see dead people" kind of sees things?
Hanekoma: Pretty much. That's how he knew about the Game. He saw the Players and Reapers and all when he was still alive.

"I have seen the gates... though I've yet to be premitted beyond them."
Grey Wolf, Savaged

"The living may not hear them. Their voices may fall on deaf ears. But make no mistake... the dead are not silent."

Weak though Constantine was, his feelers were still out, and his perceptions heightened - he could see ghosts among the crowd. He didn't like seeing ghosts. At least, not the ones trapped on this plane - the ones who hadn't even made it to purgatory. Like that pasty-faced old man with the torn-open throat, his wife beside him, still clutching the butcher's knife she'd used to cut that throat - and the bullet hole the old man had put in her forehead as he'd died. The two ghosts gazing mournfully at Constantine. Condemned to stick together, Constantine supposed. As he watched, a cop walked through the old man and his wife, oblivious to them.
And that one, near the fire hydrant - Constantine nodded to the specter of the greasy-haired thin man with the pockmarks on his face. He tended to follow Constantine around. Probably because Constantine was the reason he was dead. The thin ghost nodded gloomily back and melted away, as Constantine made the effort to shut off his psychic vision. It was best to keep it shut down, most of the time. Sanity had to be protected.

Doctor: My diagnosis, based on what you've told me, is that your accident left you so close to death yourself... you're now able to see dead people.
Alison: ... What... do you mean? [laughs nervously]
Doctor: Well, can you see me?
Alison: [Laughs, in a "well, obviously" way] Yes!
Doctor: [Pleasantly] Exactly. I'm dead.
[Another doctor enters the room — and fails to see the doctor currently sitting behind her desk. Alison reacts with alarm]
Second Doctor: So sorry to have kept you!
Doctor: Oh, she's very good.
[As the second doctor goes to the desk, the first doctor gets up — and walks through the chair and a filing cabinet]

Muriel: She's renowned for the amount of spirits that flow through her.
Hercules: Oh great—a medium with a bladder problem.


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