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"This is MY fucking town!"
Nicky Santoro:, Casino, (Repeated line)

Naruto: "As long as you admit that you're Mukade, I'm not letting you get away!"
Anrokuzan: "Mukade, huh? I put that hoodlum's name behind me long ago. I am now Lord Minister Anrokuzan of Rōran and I control this city!"

"Yamazaki. Don't ever enter my town again without my express written permission!"
Geese Howard:, Fatal Fury 3

Ken Masters: Nice party Sagat. Didn't anyone tell you there's a curfew?
Sagat: In Shadaloo city, nobody tells me anything!

"Look around you. You'll see two councilmen, a union official, a couple of off-duty cops and a judge. Now, I wouldn't have a second's hesitation blowing your head off right here, right now, in front of them. That's power you can't buy."
Carmine Falcone, Batman Begins

Biff: (to Marty, standing at a ledge) Go ahead, kid, jump! A suicide'll be nice and neat.
Marty: What happens if I don't?
Biff: (draws a pistol) Lead poisoning.
Marty: What about the police? They're gonna match up the bullet to your gun.
Biff: Kid, I own the police! Besides... they couldn't match the bullet that killed your old man.
Marty: (dawns on him that Biff killed George) You son of a bitch.

"This is my world. I'm just letting you live here."

"I run this town, Superman. Metropolis belongs to me. The people are mine to nurture, or destroy, as I see fit. And they've forgotten that. They've looked at you, with your costume and your flashy super-human powers...and they've forgotten who their master is. Who is number one! And I intend to remind them, Superman."

"You see, ah, "Superman"... I own Metropolis. My technology built it, my will keeps it going, and nearly two-thirds of its people work for me whether they know it or not. Even you have to admit, it's a model of efficiency."

Shepard: You run Omega?
Aria T'Loak: [chuckle] I am Omega! But you need more. Everyone needs more something. And they all come to me. I am the boss, CEO, queen if you're feeling dramatic. It doesn't matter. Omega has no titled ruler and only one rule: Don't fuck with Aria.

Franz Sanchez: In this business, there's a lot of cash. And a lot of people with their hands out.
Kwang: In a word... bribery.
Sanchez: Exactly. He took the words right out of my pocket. Everyone and his brother is on the payroll. So, you buy a mayor, chief of police, generals, presidents. One day you wake up and you own the whole god damn country. Then you take what you want. Banks. Government Casino. Airline concession. Why? Simple. It's easier for the politicians to take silver, than lead.


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