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Quotes / I Miss the Sunrise

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Ros Ouranos

"Look at this mess. Look at what we've become. We're not worth maintaining. Even if your plan doesn't work...I'm tired. Tired of being caged up, told what to do, used like a tool... All of the fighting, the orders, the destruction, chaos...what good has it done? What good have I done?"

Marie Sarazon

"'d better be damn glad that people like [Mahk] came along to bail you out when they did. Sorenson, just don't get it. Everyone is either a tool or an obstacle to you."

[Watching the sun rise]
"God, I missed this."


"'Good' and 'bad' are not labels, but perceptions, and are subject to myriad incalculable variances therein."

"Order must persist. Despite what some say, I know it to be the natural progression of all things."

Mahk Sikohlon

"Is this truly all we have to live for? Unending struggle, with my creations as the catalyst?"

"Neither Typelog nor EROS has any lacertians in their employ. Are tails so difficult to work around?"

"Father always said the best weapon was one that never needed to be used. A tool for...intimidation. Even against the pirates, and the Lessers... we overpower them so they are not a threat. That is all. But to turn a weapon into a method of death? I never thought such would be possible again."

"This feeling... the rush of a victory with the knowledge of its consequences. It is... unpleasant."

[Confessing feelings to Mahk]
Mahk: "Ros... Come to learn of the weapons trade? Or, have you come just to see me again...? Either way... I do appreciate the comapny. I hope you can stay the same... In fact... I was rather hoping you wouldn't leave so soon..."
Ros: "Mahk... now that I know you so well, there's no way I would want to leave you alone."
Mahk: "You do? I mean, you would? H-how long can you stay, then? A minute? A Spin? Forever...?
Ros: "I suppose there is only one way to know for sure."
Mahk: "I'm tired of being left. And having to leave things behind. But you wouldn't do that to me, would you? Father was the other person I ever trusted before I met you. Can you... help me learn to trust others?"
"Mahk explains the Inquiry's weaponized components with much fervor. He almost seems to smile once or twice too. Eventually, he stops long enough to let you go on your way, but he seems less than ready to retreat back into his acidic shell."

[If chosen as Ros's partner]
"I thought we would be together... f-forever... I... W-We shall! I shall wait for you! I'll always wait for you..."

Chac Tlaloc

"It is a strange sensation... Strange, and wonderful. To seek, and be sought, by another."

"Never give up on anyone, Ros! Alive, dead, it does not matter! Do you understand? Because, if you may not get that second chance to make things right..."

"Ouranos saved me from myself. If you have never fought yourself before, it is not pleasant, nor easy."

Cassidy Turnstone

"Make ya a deal. Until your commandin' days are over, we'll fly with you to the ends of the spiral. But after that, we're retiring for good. If there's anything left to enjoy, we're gonna find it."

"We can't just forget all this exists, you know. It's what we came from. It's who we were."
"But it's not who we could be."

Ivoronus Sikohlon

"Commander. Just...biding my time. I assumed you'd forgotten about me. But since you haven't, that must mean I still exist. So, allow me to be grateful for that."

"A name is an odd concept. We can accept something exists using our senses...but to identify it? It is a figment existing strictly in our minds, and yet it is our only link to the outside world."

Virgil Sorenson

"Animals. They're all animals. They don't understand. They're not listening. They're not listening. It will never get better at this rate."

"If they will not listen to reason, to logic... they must listen to force."

The Black One

"This factor of death...the uncertainty...the finality... I can see how the Blue One was corrupted so easily."

Lazarus Ouranos

"Tricks? Tricks?! I am deeply offended, [Ros]! Why would I need tricks to beat you?"

"May the strongest win!"

"The others...would they die for you? Do they really respect you? Are they thinking of you right now?"

"The old man chose me first..I won't disappoint him! He accepts me for what I am! A force of nature!"

The Progenitor

"A battle of wits and wills. So be it. The winner shall inherit the ashes of the universe!"


Neff: If we let [The Black One] die now, we'll never find out who he is!
Mahk: Help him? Are you quite mad? Have you forgotten when he tried to kill Ouranos before?

Cassidy: I can't go back with you, Ros. [...] You wouldn't understand. You've never known Surface life. But where we came from. Sure, it wasn't perfect, and we thought we could do better after we blasted off with the Breach... Things here are simple, and always will be. So, I'm sorry... [...] This is where we really should be.
Cole: ...It ain't healthy, Cass. I used to think the same thing. That's why we build this place. Mmm...but things've changed. We already got left behind once. World ain't gonna wait up for us again. And Ros here... Ros rescued us. Showed us what's what. Gave us a chance t'make things right out there. Someday, the 'verse is gonna come a-knockin' again, but it won't be no one as friendly as [them].

    EROS Abandoned Databanks (MASSIVE SPOILERS) 


1213-3: So little life...they must not know just how alone we are. What a desolate, lifeless wasteland outer space turned out to be.

1213-7: The first-born of Project PL-776 is my arms. Such a beautiful, wonderful specimen. him. The creation of life that already exists is one thing. But this is the creation of something new, something unique. This will be a breakthrough for all of human society. A companion, from the stars, to call our own. No longer alone...

1213-8: I've decided on a name for you, being the first such creature to prove the unanswerable. To cure the longing for a friend. I shall call you...Prime. The first of many. The number, indivisible, that stands along. The finest we have to offer. Take care of your kind, as well as ours, little Prime. I am so proud of you...of what you represent...

0001 (The Progenitor)

0001-6: I've made a baffling discovery. It's the radiation. It''s not working. Not as it should. My skin is beginning to gray... I was one of the first test subjects in the emitter project. The first to know the taste of immortality. Now, I feel forsaken. There must be something more I can do. I must survive. The universe needs a mind like mine. I cannot perish yet...

0001-7: This is not possible! All signs indicate the opposite of what was once widely known and confirmed! It cannot be true! The effect that keeps our universe overcome the gravity of all matter, all energy, all things... It is consuming itself! Just as I feared of myself, our universe is on the brink of unavoidable death as well. There is something...something that must be done to prevent the inevitable collapse. But, time is finite...short... Enough energy...enough outward exertion...can it reverse the compression? Can it force the universe to live on as it was? I must try. I have the tools and the resources... I must at least try... I am the only one capable...

0001-8: We must live forever. There is still so much we have yet to do. To change, to grow, to command. We cannot wither away yet. The universe itself shall bend to these whims. I will reverse the shrinking, and save all of existence from its demise... We are the rightful inhabitants. We are the only inhabitants. It is our universe to control, and to save...

0001-8: The emitters made us immortal...EROS makes us all-knowing...Typelog makes our thoughts omnipresent... Immortal, all-knowing, omnipresent...immortal, all-knowing, omnipresent...