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"Please flee or be stepped on at your own expense."

The Ground tremble every other heart beat... the sound echoed louder with each beat, and haunted your soul as if doom was approaching... and then I saw it towering in the sky, still miles away. The fear and awe one felt was indescribable. I can only imagine the sheer terror our enemy felt when they beheld the sight of the Emperor Titan.

How like a God He is, that ancient Machine, primal of all His Kind, the Imperator! His mighty Fists, massive like two Towers of Destruction, laden with the Doom of Mankind's bitter Foes. He watches over us now as Battle joins, and in his Shadow we shall advance upon our Enemies and defeat them, utterly.

"The Orders of the Adeptus Titanicus are the iron fist of the Emperor's rule. A velvet glove would serve no purpose."
Lord Priceps of Legio Tempestus, Warhammer 40,000

"Military traditionalists have repeatedly pointed out that the Assault Mechs are very poorly designed weapons - farcically bad, some have even said. They're extremely tall and are almost impossible to camouflage, making them easy targets. Their two-legged gait is more complicated, more expensive, more vulnerable and less efficient than are treaded wheels. And if one of the blasted things fall over, it can't get up again without the assistance of massive cranes or helicopters. Yank off the legs and mount the chassis on treads, the experts say, and you'll get a better weapon at lower cost.

All this is true. However, the units have one thing going for them that more than compensates for all of their weaknesses: they're massively, enormously cool. Military planners have long noted that national governments often confuse coolness with effectiveness and are willing to pay a lot more for flashy armaments than they are for effective but dull systems. In other words, a military with Mech Assault units has an easier time getting its bloated budget approved than does one without them. As long as this continues, the Mech's future is assured."
"Assault Mech" Civlopedia entry, Civilization IV "Nextwar" mod

"When the Protoss charge
And the Zerg start to swarm
I don't want no Zeus
Level 80 Elite Tauren Cheif, Terran Up the Night

If you ask me, it's got to be a joke. Not only is making a tank walk on two legs a technical nightmare, but there's no point in making a walking tank to begin with. Putting legs on a tank would raise its clearance, increasing its frontal projection area. It'd also be less stable. Suppose the legs help the tank travel bad roads... I don't see the logic in that. Isn't that what treads are for? I mean, anyone who'd seriously consider making a thing like that has got to be a wacko. ...Come to think of it, there was a guy in the States who wrote a paper on that subject. What was his name... Emerson? Heinrich? ...Something like that; I don't really remember. 'Course, no one took that seriously.

Behold! Today is the day weapons learn to walk upright!

Gundam: Truly you Super Robots are really absurd.
Grendizer: What? And what for?
Gundam: Come on! You never run out of ammo or power! You pull out swords from all over your body and you shoot massive disintegrator beams! You are unable to use a normal rifle! You shoot your fists! YOUR. FISTS!
And then all those impossible transformations and your approximate design! It is hard to understand even how you can bend your joints!
Grendizer: (bending its forearm) Hey! It's right!
Gundam: Giant monsters and horrible aliens! Endless Fanservice! Incredible plot twists and collective laughter at sunset! Come on...!
Grendizer and Gundam: Hahahahahaha!
Grendizer: In short, you're envious...
Gundam: To die for!
Italian Webcomic Noi Robot [1]", "Episode 16: How Irrealistic!", arguing the differences between a Super Robot and a Real Robot (and lampshading "Stop Having Fun" Guys)

Some things you can't fight. Acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way. But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly, you can fight the hurricane. You can win.
Raleigh, Pacific Rim

Baka felt his weapons and frontal armor melting under the terrific heat before his impact with the ground demonstrated why a flying multi-ton robot is a very bad idea.
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

"Anyway," Hiccup thought. "We've got basically three options for this. Option one is that we just use our Looping experience and powers to hit Essence 10 straight off and punch problems until they no longer exist, and option two is basically that I get started building giant robots and never stop."
HTTYD Loops fic

These giant robots were once the pinnacle of military high-tech, and ruled the battlefields of Earth until someone realized what a dumb idea they were. After that, people tried to forget they ever used the things, and most were scrapped, the remainder finding employment as walking billboards.
Crazed Creatures For Your Abusement, Macho Women with Guns

''Gotta wonder, if God made us in his image... who made him?

Giant humanoid mechs aid in tasks civil, commercial, and military. And sometimes you look up to them and think "We could have made them look like anything, but we made them look like us."
Austin Walker, Counter/Weight

Numidium was Tiber Septim's secret weapon in his bid for supreme power: a thousand foot tall automaton, a golem or an atronach of sorts powered by a gem called the Mantella. The Mantella was infused with the life force of Tiber Septim's Imperial Battlemage, and with it, Septim crushed all who stood in his way.


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