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Quotes / How I Killed Your Master

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Chan Sen: I am Chan Sen, student of master Xu Li, the slayer of the twenty demons in the north. You know why I've come.
Liu Wong: Oh I can guess. Sit and have tea first.
Chan Sen: I have raised an army for you. I have scoured china for you. My life has been spent in pursuit of you. I will have tea after I have your life!
Liu Wong: It is simple, Chan Sen. You can kill me and avenge your master, or you can listen to me and surpass him.

Master Fei: It's been ten years since anyone spoke of my fights because no one has walked away from them in that time.

Master Fei: They called it the Divine Fist of the Unconquerable Sky. Had you seen it, you'd know there was nothing else to call it.

Chan Sen: The man who killed Xu Li ran? From common rabble?
Liu Wong: I was not the man who killed Xu Li then. I hadn't so much as met Xu Li.

Meng Qi: Zhang? Are you toying with them?
Zhang: Not very much.


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