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"Welcome, you are about to enter into a journey of the unimaginable, into a realm where blackness remains, and nightmares become reality for these unlucky victims, whom you are about to meet. But do begin your journey with caution, as you will witness excruciating visions so incredibly graphic that your brain will surely struggle to comprehend the ghastly information it will recieve. If you are at all squeamish, or easily offended by actual scenes of human destruction, then return to your normal world now, as it is time to begin our journey into the netherworld, into grim rooms you would only be in if you were dead..."
Damon Fox, Traces of Death

The time has come for scary things
Like vampires, ghosts, and vampire wings
Like horrible movies, all drippy and drooly
And horrible hosts like me, Svengoolie!
—Jerry Bishop's Svengoolie, Screaming Yellow Theater

But be warned, if you enter, you may be subjected to my tales... TALES DESIGNED TO SELL MY MERCHANDISE! (Evil Laugh) ... Sorry, I was thinking of something funny I heard earlier.
Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls, Little Gift Shop of Horrors

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