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Quotes / Hopeless Suitor

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T.K.: (to Kari) Together again!
Kari: Just like old times.
Davis: (to himself) That kid's trying to put the moves on my girl!
Digimon Adventure 02 (English dub)

"I know you married her just as a way of not marrying me."

Arthur: Merlin, what'll I do? [The girl squirrel] won't leave me alone.
Merlin: Well, I'm afraid you're stuck, lad. When a girl squirrel chooses a mate, it's for life!
Arthur: But I won't be a squirrel tomorrow.
Merlin: Eh, she doesn't know that. She only knows one simple fact; that you're a him, and she's a her.

[Before Marty's Grand Romantic Gesture]
Marty: Are you sure this is a good idea?
Greg: Dude, she doesn't like you. She's shown no interest. She's way into someone else. Why give up now? This is the right move!


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