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Final Fantasy XI featured special super abilities players could only use every two hours. Absolute Virtue could use all of them, repeatedly, was immune to everything, had 100,000 hit points, and auto-healed faster than Wolverine. That's not a boss; that's the Pokémon your little brother designs on the back of his schoolbooks.

So you get to the end of the level, after beating some stupid cars or whatever I don't fucking know. Then this fucking huge-ass dude comes down in a giant robot-man suit and starts wrecking your shit. Fuck! All the things I've learned, all the things I've applied aren't helping me! He's just fucking wrecking me!

It won't take more than a single Pokémon to delete them.

"It's impossible for you to kill me."
Nohman, Zone of the Enders

This is what hopelessness feels like. You'd do well to remember it.

"A woman wearing a mysterious suit. Her partner is a talkative AI program. While much about her remains a mystery, there's no doubt about her intention to kill. Avoid her to avoid dying. Fighting back is futile."

Simply enormous AI warship. So vastly powerful, the appearance of such usually means only one thing:
The end.
AI War 2, on the Extragalactic War Flenser

"Do try to put up a decent fight, rat. But no matter how wildly you flail, you will never defeat me!"
Palomides the Executioner, Radiant Historia

Millium: Wow, this is mega cool! He's really gonna duel the Radiant Blademaster! But is he really strong enough to beat him?
Jusis: ...He doesn't stand a chance. Receiving instruction from him would be one thing, but to duel a master like Viscount Arseid...
Gaius: Looks like the odds aren't in his favor, then.

"Class VII, Musse, Ash! Begin two-pronged offensive! Here are your orders: Survive! No matter what it takes!!!"
Rean Schwarzer, as he and Sharon are about to face McBurn and the students are about to face Campanella, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

Omori will not succumb.

"You must be defeated by Adam in order to proceed to the next stage of the story."
Message displayed after beating Adam in the prologue, Bravely Default II


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